How we involve Dad in our Homeschool

Often times as home educators we default to Mom doing all and often forget the vital role that Father’s do play in the home educating journey. As a veteran home educator of over 20 years there have been many fads come and go within the community from Dad is the leader and must do the following lists to it’s Mom’s domain keep dad away.  It takes a while for most home educating families to find their feet and most importantly balance within their respective journey’s.  One of the things to remember is that your family is unique and it is unwise to try and make your family into a clone of anther family.  What is working for them may not necessarily work for you, and the fruit of modelling your family upon another’s journey is one of guilt, frustration, feelings of being overwhelmed and defeat. Today a few of our families have taken time to share some thoughts of the role of Dad within their homeschool.

Chareen @ Every Bed of Roses shares Dad’s Helping Hand in Our Homeschool – How we found balance and strength in supporting each other through homeschooling our three children.

Dawn Peluso @ Schoolin’ Swag shares

  • What About Dad? There are so many ways for dad to be involved from direct instruction to field trips and even just financial and moral support.
  • History Through Reading My husband might take being involved to the extreme but the children love that he went so far as to write a historical fiction book including them!

Annette @ A Net in Time shares

  • The importance of family It’s so important you know? For both parents to be interested in what the child(ren) are learning and doing. It shows the importance of it all.
  • Dad’s Do Dad’s help… sometimes it takes adjust, but dad’s are an integral part of homeschooling.

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break shares How Do You Get Dad Involved in Your Homeschool? In our homeschool, Dad isn’t a hands-on teacher, but he does stay involved and interested in what we’re doing – especially when it comes to field trips!

Jenny @ Our Inconvenient Family shares Field Trip Friday’s with Dad Dads are really indispensable in parenting and the homeschool journey is no different.  As a Mom you need their support and encouragement and if you’re anything like me you also need their involvement.  One area my husband excels at is field trips!  So we have instituted “Field Trip Fridays with Dad”

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