Cerebellum Corporation/Standard Deviants Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Standard Deviants.

Cerebellum Corporation is the leading producer and distributor of high-quality programming for the family, educational, and fitness markets. Recommended by more than 500 teachers and college professors, Cerebellum’s programming covers the most difficult high school and college courses. Standard Deviants titles have won 19 Telly Awards for “Best Non-Broadcast Educational Video” and has also been named to the “Best Films and Videos” list by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Crew members received Advanced Placement Program DVDs from their Light Speed video learning program. Each video includes a digital workbook with a course outline, notes, practice questions, games, and quizzes.

Crew members received one of the following DVDs:

AP English Language and Comp. Exam Prep

Students will become equipped with the foundations of rhetorical knowledge and will develop the tools for critical thinking, writing, and analysis. Over 15 pages of study material is added, which makes this AP* prep resource the best yet.

History of the U.S. AP Exam Prep

This video tutorial provides a speedy and thorough of pivotal events in U.S. History. The program covers the diverse motives of colonists through Vietnam, with emphasis on the period from 1790 to 1914.

Chemistry AP Exam Prep

Despite chemistry courses being one of the most difficult classes in high school, over 100,000 students took the AP* Chemistry exam in 2009. This exam prep provides students with a comprehensive review of critical chemistry topics. Stoichiometry, Kinetics, Thermodynamics…the essentials are made easy and fun!

U.S. Gov & Politics AP Exam Prep

This program helps students visualize the most difficult and tested AP topics – from the influences of the Constitution to the policy making procedures.

These Advanced Placement DVDs are available for the regular price for $14.98 each; as of this posting they are on sale for $11.24.

Please visit the Crew members’ links to read their thoughts on the products they received.

***Special thanks to First Mate Jodi for writing this introductory article!

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  1. I liked the chemistry a lot.

    In fact, I'm actually going to be checking out the English video to see if I'll be able to use it as a course outline for grade 12 English.

    Annie Kate


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