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This article is in collaboration with Beeyoutiful.

The Homeschool Crew has received a wide variety of products from Beeyoutiful, a company whose motto is “Healthy Living for the Real World.” Beeyoutiful’s owners believe that each person’s health is his own responsibility, and their company offers a variety of natural products to “aid others in obtaining and maintaining good health.”

Beeyoutiful sent the following health-related products to Crew members to sample:

Berry Well is a pleasant fruit-flavored syrup designed to boost an individual’s immune system function through elderberry juice, raw honey, bee propolis, echinacea and raw apple cider vinegar.

Tummy Tune-Up capsules deliver an especially potent blend of 8 different strains of beneficial bacteria known as probiotics, designed to restore intestinal balance and promote health. 4 billion active bacteria per dose.

Beeyoutiful Balance is an all-natural progesterone cream designed to help women restore their natural hormonal balance.

Hair Shine is an all-natural spray-on, leave in hair conditioner which not only detangles hair but may also be used as a sunburn spray.

Baby Body Lotion contains the natural essential oils lavender and chamomile, designed to induce relaxation and sleep for babies and other family members, too!

Laveshmint Hydrating Toner with its natural aloe Vera formula helps pores close after skin is cleansed. Beeyoutiful’s Daily Moisturizing Lotion is lightly scented with peppermint and lavender and formulated with aloe Vera and coconut oil to lightly moisturize all skin types.

Tension Tamer contains a wonderful blend of essential oils designed to combat headaches and relieve tension. Great for children, too!

Milk and Honey Facial Bar contains a skin-nourishing combination of raw goat’s milk and natural bee products and is lightly scented with orange. It is purported to not only cleanse skin but also help heal skin from a variety of common skin problems.

See below what Crew members and their families thought of Beeyoutiful’s products after using them for a few weeks.

***Special thanks to First Mate Michelle for writing this introductory article!

10 thoughts on “Beeyoutiful Reviews”

  1. A good option if all-natural ingredients are important to your family.


  2. We LOVE the hair shine, and I'm so very sad to see the bottom of our bottle because we just don't have the budget to replace it 🙁

  3. We LOVE the tension tamer. I really can not say enough about it. Three of us in our home suffer from headaches and we have been getting rid of them with it.


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