Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set Review

This article is in collaboration with Apologia Educational Ministries. As our children move into high school they require more specialized classes to meet their needs. Sometimes, the thought of teaching those classes can cause parents to panic. Fortunately, today’s homeschoolers have a variety of resources at their fingertips to help them as they move through … Read more

Lapbooks for Classical Conversations, Apologia, Inventors & 20th Century Reviews

This article is in collaboration with A Journey Through Learning Lapbooks. Fun and knowledge collide to spark learning through lapbooking! Why use only worksheets or workbooks when your child can create his or her own complete lesson book to show off to dad or grandparents, pull out for future reference, and then easily tuck away … Read more

Biology, Chemistry & Physics Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Fascinating Education. Fascinating Education uses a step-by-step right hemisphere approach to science. Right hemisphere? By using simple, clear pictures and audio in addition to text the right hemisphere is engaged and science becomes more understandable. Students start lessons with simple observations and questions. Each question leads to another question … Read more

Biblical Based Science Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Novare Science & Math. Science is all about theories, hypothesis, and exploration which can make it pretty hard to figure out which science is the right one for your student.  This can be especially true when you get to middle school and high school.  This is why the Homeschool … Read more

Physics, Chemistry & Biology 101 Reviews

This article is in collaboration with The 101 Series. There are so many different lifestyles for homeschool families.  Some enjoy full book work, while others use various media forms for each subject. Certainly, life is busy, and sometimes we could all use some extra help teaching.  Science is a subject that I love to use … Read more

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