Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set Review

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As our children move into high school they require more specialized classes to meet their needs. Sometimes, the thought of teaching those classes can cause parents to panic. Fortunately, today’s homeschoolers have a variety of resources at their fingertips to help them as they move through the upper levels of their schooling. Our Review Crew team got to check out one of those resources from Apologia Educational Ministries.

Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set
The Marine Biology 2nd Edition Advantage Set offers high school students a full course in Marine Biology. This set includes the textbook, student notebook, and test and solution manuals, providing a full science course for your students. The full-color textbook offers 16 modules on a variety of topics which allow students to explore the world under the ocean. In the student notebook, children have a place to take notes, answer questions, record details from lab experiments, and review the chapter before taking their tests.

Marine Biology 2nd Ed Audio CD
In addition, the Crew got to sample the Marine Biology 2nd Edition Audio CD, which is a complete recording of the full text, allowing students to listen and follow along as they read. Each chapter in the book has a test and the included solutions manual helps parents grade those tests quickly. This complete program can offer your child a science or elective credit for high school.

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Thank you to Brandy from Kingdom Academy Homeschool for writing this review introduction article.

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