Good News Express from Passkeys Foundation

The Passkeys Foundation is a 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1) non-profit organization founded by Mr. Russell Williams.  The “Passkeys Foundation has developed innovative values and character education programs for children, youth, and adults and the business community. The programs include: the Kids of Character educational program for elementary school children; the national Laws of Life Essay Contest for … Read more

Growing Healthy Homes

Not only is this year’s Crew getting the opportunity to try out some healthy recipes, but they are also able to use and review a COMPLETE CURRICULUM from Growing Healthy Homes, called Nutrition 101: Choose Life.  I would encourage you to visit the website and take the time to watch the video on the home … Read more

Artistic Pursuits

Previously, I shared with you about my long search for a Bible curriculum that would actually work in our homeschool – one that wasn’t “dumbed down” and that my children would actually learn from and enjoy. I’ve been on the search for an art program that would fit the same needs – one that would … Read more

Insight Technical Education

Do you have a high school student?  I have observed over the years (both in my own high school experience and  beyond) that college is not for everyone. Because of this, I am excited about the products offered by Insight Technical Education – they supply learning materials that focus on vocational, technical and professional fields.  Their … Read more

Motherboard Books

There are just some subjects that are harder for homeschool parents to teach than others.  Of course, those subjects are going to vary from parent to parent, from home to home.  I’ve mentioned before that science is one of the harder subjects for me to teach.  Another of those would be computer science.  Let’s face … Read more

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