Growing Healthy Homes

Not only is this year’s Crew getting the opportunity to try out some healthy recipes, but they are also able to use and review a COMPLETE CURRICULUM from Growing Healthy Homes, called Nutrition 101: Choose Life.  I would encourage you to visit the website and take the time to watch the video on the home page.  To “whet your appetite”, though, here is something information about this exciting and unique curriculum:
The purpose of this curriculum-for-all-ages is to help families understand that they are fearfully and wonderfully made and that food — good and bad — does effect the body. Presented in 448 full-color pages, the program reinforces (or introduces) biology by discussing the major body systems in six easily digestible units: 1) The Brain and Nervous System; 2) Digestion and Elimination; 3) Respiration and Olfactory; 4) Muscular and Skeletal Systems; 5) Cardiovascular and Immune Systems; and 6) Endocrine System and Emotions. Each unit contains four chapters focused on the function and dysfunction of the system and the nourishment needed for optimal health.

448 pages?  Wow!  The Crew received the e-version of this curriculum  to review; but it is also available, via the website, as a print version.

23 thoughts on “Growing Healthy Homes”

  1. Great book! We HAVE to eat healthy (not by choice – but because of sensitivity to food additives). This book is a good reinforcement to what we are currently learning to apply in our daily eating habits.

  2. Definitely a keeper and one of the best things I have reviewed so far! Could be used in a health/home ec/nutrition/anatomy-physiology class.

  3. It's like nothing else I've seen out there. I'm planning to use it for high school health/science next year! Mom learns something in this one too!

  4. As a mother I struggle with balancing good food choices for my family in a culture with so many bad options. Nutrition 101: Choose Life empowers Moms, Dads and kids in their pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.


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