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I’d like to tell you more about Rocket Phonics from Maureen Guffanti, President of Rocket Phonics:

A Little Of Rocket Phonics’ History
My husband and I created Rocket Phonics. He is an MD with a passion for both medicine and education, and he’s the genius behind Rocket Phonics. I am a former teacher who saw the need for Rocket Phonics when our daughter (who is now 18, and by third grade read at a high school level) wanted very early to learn to read and then struggled when I tried teaching her using traditional methods.

We finished the first version of Rocket Phonics in 2000. My husband is a very godly man who put out a fleece, saying, “Lord, I will pursue this if it is at least 3 times better than the other methods.” He had UCLA do a study with homeschool children using Rocket Phonics. The 2001 UCLA study found the students using Rocket Phonics learned nearly 4 months of reading skill for every month they used the program, while the students in the control group learned just under one month of reading skill for every month they used their programs!

My husband, Steve, created a website for Rocket Phonics and we waited for people to find us and place their orders. I don’t think we sold one kit the first year. In 2003 we started traveling to homeschool conventions to talk to families and offer Rocket Phonics. Since 2003, we have improved Rocket Phonics and added to it in response to parent feedback and our experience.

I hope you will look at our website and get more information about Rocket Phonics if you get a chance. We also have a yahoo Rocket Phonics group run by one of our enthusiastic parents (a mom of 5), and low-tech videos on You Tube showing how I introduce the sounds in a fun, multi-sensory way to preschoolers.

Rocket Phonics is best used with children ages 4-10, is wonderful for introducing reading, and is also ideal for struggling readers.

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  1. WOW. We love, love, love, love this!!!!!! My 6 year old has learned so much in the few short weeks we have been doing this program. Highly recommend!

  2. After reading several of the posts, I see that Rocket Phonics has been as much of a blessing to others as it was to me. Many of you described praying to be chosen for this review . . . glad to hear that I am not the only one!

  3. I had a hard time getting started with this, which was probably due to major crisis going on at home. But I finally got it, yeah!! My children are too. I am looking forward to this year of reading.

  4. Now these reviews were great. The product were used and some reviews gave pros & cons. I read where some were going to give updates!



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