Homeschool Collection {First Edition}

Welcome to the first edition of the 2019 Homeschool Review Crew Homeschool Collection.  Grab a cup of tea, bookmark this page and allow our diverse homeschooling team to share encouragement, ideas and freebies with you today. We have FORTY-ONE homeschool families who invite you to join them on their homeschool journeys as they share a … Read more

Take a Look Tuesday

This year in our homeschool we are diving a bit deeper into U.S. History. History is one of the subjects I often like to study together as a family. Learning together helps strengthen our family bonds and can also make the subject feel a little less like school. In addition to the activities we are … Read more

Not back to School First Day of Home School Activities: Round UP

I remember years ago when we were little my parents always made our first day of school each year something special and took photographs to document our journey. It’s so much fun looking through those memories now and remembering my siblings and the anticipation of creating new friends, learning new things and anticipating new skills. … Read more

Ten Reasons Why Hiking Counts as Schooling

Living on the road full-time with our eight kids, we have more hiking opportunities than the average foundation-based family. The swell (yes, swell) aspect of hiking is that we can count it as a school day. Skeptical? Allow me to make a believer out of you with these “hike-schooling” subject areas: 1. Geology Regardless of … Read more

Beauty Secrets for Homeschool Moms:

Every woman longs to be beautiful. After sleepless nights and busy days, our appearance can take a low spot on our list of priorities. Still, sometimes, we pass a mirror and are horrified. Our hair is sticking out in weird places, there are dark circles under our eyes, and our clothes don’t even match. Plus, … Read more

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