Homeschool Collection {First Edition}

Welcome to the first edition of the 2019 Homeschool Review Crew Homeschool Collection.  Grab a cup of tea, bookmark this page and allow our diverse homeschooling team to share encouragement, ideas and freebies with you today. We have FORTY-ONE homeschool families who invite you to join them on their homeschool journeys as they share a wealth of wisdom and encouragement for the month ahead.

Debra @ Footprints in the Butter

  • Student-Teacher Conferences – Creating a tradition with my high school students of semi-annual student-teacher conferences was the best homeschool decision I ever made!
  • 1998 vs. 2018: Why We Homeschool – This post from last year, comparing my reasons for homeschooling twenty years ago to my reasons as my children have gotten older, still hits home for me. My reasons now are so much more positive than my reasons two decades ago.

Amanda @ Hopkins Homeschool

Chareen @ Every Bed of Roses

  • Dear Mom Who is Feeling Overwhelmed – From a Mom who has been there to a Mom who is there, know that who you are is enough and how to find balance.
  • 10 Charlotte Mason blogs to Follow – Are you wanting to know more about homeschooling with Charlotte Mason?  Here are some encouraging bloggers to follow
  • Factors influencing learning to read – Teaching our children to read can be a stressful experience, however it does not need to be!  Did you know there are physical factors that influence when and how easily your child can learn to read?
  • Mother Culture – Time Out – Just what is Mother Culture and should you be incorporating this valuable practice in your homeschool ?

Michele @ Family. Faith and Fridays

  • The Good Ole Hard Days – There were days early in our homeschooling years that were hard…like call-your-husband-and-tell-him-the-kids-would-be-waiting-in-the-driveway-for-him-when-he-got-home hard. You know what I mean- the you-are-going-to-the-worst-public-school-I-can-find-tomorrow hard.
  • Keeping Your Homeschool Alive – Yes, even after 19 years I still swim in doubts some days.
  • Life Hacks From a Homeschooling Mom – Contrary to popular beliefs, the life of a homeschooling mom is not all fun and games. 😉 Nor do I have lots of extra time on my hands because I stay home with my kids… .
  • Schooling Boys –  Before I had kids I knew everything about them. I mean, I was a Child Development major for Pete’s sake. I studied hard, read a lot of books, took a bunch of tests, and graduated Magna Cum Laude. I had this thing called kids mastered!

Tess @ Circling Through This Life

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break

  • How Do You Make Time For Yourself? – Why homeschool moms need to make time to pursue their own interests, and some ideas about how to make it happen.
  • How Do You Get Back on Track?–  Every time we have a break or an interruption in our homeschool, we have to figure out how to get back on track. Here are some of the approaches that have worked for us.
  • How Do You Stay Motivated When Homeschooling is Hard? – How to get through the times when homeschooling is difficult, or you’re weary and discouraged.
  • Books in Print and Handwritten Notes – With all the power of the internet and electronic devices at our fingertips, we often assume it’s more efficient than old-fashioned books or pencil and paper, but research indicates that the printed page and writing by hand may be much better.

Jennifer @ A Peace of Mind

  • So Delight FULL – Homeschooling is a walk of faith. Let us find ways to delight in it as we watch our children explore and learn and grow. And we do right along with them.
  • God is in the Room – This is our missions field. God is with us!
  • Can We…Together? – We need to work together. We cannot be against, we cannot fight one another. Let us fight for one another. Together.

Lisa @ Farm Fresh Adventures

  • 5 Lessons I Have Learned to Make Homeschooling Less Stressful ~Lesson 1: Keep Public School Out! – When it comes to homeschooling and helping decrease the level of stress, start by throwing out any ideas that your home needs to resemble the public school system in any way, shape, or form!
  • 5 Lesson I Have Learned to Make Homeschooling Less Stressful ~Lesson 2: Kindergarten Is About Exploration -Today I want to share some lessons I have learned, and a few mistakes I made relating to homeschooling preschool and Kindergarten. I will also be sharing some mistakes that other homeschool moms said THEY made during these years as well…and some success stories too!
  • 5 Lessons I Have Learned to Make Homeschooling Less Stressful ~Lesson 3: Don’t Rush the Readiness – One of the the mistakes that many homeschooling parents make is to start pushing reading too soon, and misinterpreting an interest in school and activities for readiness. Your child may not be behind in their reading skills. They just may not be ready for the adventure yet.
  • Homeschool Planning and Record Keeping w/Free Printables – One of the biggest questions that homeschool parents have for each other is “What curriculum works best for (insert age)?” The next question most common is, “How do you plan out your year?” Followed by, “What do you do for grades?” Let’s talk a little bit about planning curriculum lessons, and then recording WHAT we do—i.e. record keeping.

Monique @ Early Learning Mom

  • 75 Books We Read Aloud : Homeschooling Kindergarten – One of the main reasons I love to homeschool is the amount of time Zakari and I can dedicated to Read Aloud Time. Helping my child grow into an avid reader is one of the most amazing feelings ever. Come check out why we love read aloud time and what books we read during Zakari’s Kindergarten school year.

Annette @ A Net in Time

Dawn @ Schoolin’ Swag

  • 2019 Book List – A fun and descriptive list of the books that are in my personal stack for this year.
  • When a Word is Not Enough – I wanted to pick a word for 2019 but instead I was led to a phrase, Be Still and Be Present.
  • Foot Prints Across the Year – Join me each month for this fun but simple way to track your child’s growth and share some fun projects with family and friends.
  • Treating Time Like a Video Game – What a childhood video game taught me about time management and how to make things in your life fit together and flow a little smoother.

Crystal @ Castle View Academy

  • The Best Homeschool Advice for Homeschool Moms – Homeschool moms who have been there and done that give the best homeschool advice for other homeschool moms. Here are 5 pieces of homeschool advice I was given.
  • The Home Ed Socialization Question…. – The number one question you’ll be asked about home education is about socialization.  How will your child be ‘socialized’?  I’ve learned not to take offence from it as certainly it’s not like our children are being raised by a pack of wild dogs!
  • Why Homeschool Dads Rock! – There are many reasons why every father is fabulous, but homeschool dads rock for some unique reasons; here are just a few of them provided by us homeschooling moms.
  • The Importance of Homeschool Electives: Let Student Choose! – Choosing homeschool electives are one of the most wonderful things about homes education! Freedom to tailor lessons; the sky’s the limit!

Tawnee @ Adventures in Homeschooling

Ta’Neisha @ Marriage, Motherhood, Makeup,Homeschool

  • MOMMY MOMENT: PERFECTION NOT REQUIRED – I’m sharing some encouragement to all the imperfect mothers out there trying their best to be obedient to God in every way. It is my hope that these words and the video strengthen you to endure the race and comfort you with contentment in Motherhood.

Cassandra @ My Blessed Mess

Aimee @ The Otto Family

Kari @ Ranching with Kids

Meredith @ Powerline Productions: Being World Changers/Raising World Changers

Shannan @ Captivating Compass

Sheila  @ troutwife

Linda @ Apron Strings & Other Things

Alicia @ Sweeping Up Joy

  • Do you like school? – My ego takes a hit when one of my kids is asked if they like “school,” but thinking about how we do school ultimately brings me peace with my decision to homeschool.

Susan @ My Happy Homeschool

Lori  @ At Home: where life happens

  • Lost Civilizations Unit Study – Interest in ancient civilizations such as the Mayan or the Cliff Dwellers in the American Southwest drove the creation of this self-directed unit study. Intended to teach both research skills and writing skills while studying interesting peoples from the past, this unit is appropriate for upper elementary and middle school students.
  • Edward Hicks Inspired Art Work – After a study of artist Edward Hicks, we took on the challenge of creating a pieces based on similar characteristics.
  • Clara Barton Museum – The Clara Barton Museum is a history trip worth taking. Located in Washington, D.C., the artifacts and information available in this historic location are interesting.
  • Tricky Subjects and Starting the Decision Making Process – One of the benefits of home education is the ability to tailor subject choices and learning to each learner’s style. Here are some thoughts about what drives our decisions for personalized education.

Kellyann @ Walking Home

Crystal @ Our Little Bunch

Angela @ Schooling With Grace

Dusty @ Beat Of Our Drum

Michelle @ The Brave Homeschooling Mama

Abby @ Making Room 4 One More

Tere @ Puddle Jumping

Lisa @ Maggie’s Milk

Wendy  @ Life on Chickadee Lane

Karen  @ Tots and Me…Growing Up Together

  • Arctic Animal Fun: Polar Bear Lesson – The first post in my Arctic Animal Fun unit. Each week there will be books I recommend to go with each topic, a craft or two, songs, motion rhymes/finger plays, and a fun game to play. This week we learned about polar bears and how they keep warm.
  • Arctic Animal Fun: Arctic Fox Lesson – The second post in my Arctic Animal Fun unit. Each week there will be books I recommend to go with each topic, a craft or two, songs, motion rhymes/finger plays, and a fun game to play. This week we learned about arctic foxes and camouflage.
  • Littles Learning Link Up: Arctic Fun Round Up – A Littles Learning Link Up Round Up post focused on Arctic animals. You will find over forty fun ideas for preschoolers and early elementary aged children. There are activities, crafts, and even snack ideas.
  • Littles Learning Link Up: Penguins Penguins All Around Round Up – A Littles Learning Link Up Round Up post focused on penguins. You will find ninety fun ideas for preschoolers and early elementary aged children. There are crafts, math activities, sensory activities, printables, and snack ideas.

Pam @ Simply Passionate

Margaret @ Creative Madness Mama


Thank you to the members of the Homeschool Review Crew for sharing all their wonderful knowledge and encouragement with us today.  Homeschool Collection will feature here on the Crew blog on the last Friday of each month.

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