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What do a storm on the mighty Mississippi, a stagecoach robbery, a lost heir, an unjust accusation of theft, and the California Gold Rush all have in common? They are all exciting scenes from the newest audio drama produced by Heirloom Audio Productions! Captain Bayley’s Heir is the eighth installment of the Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. Henty, once again starring Brian Blessed as the voice of Henty. Captain Bayley is voiced by the masterful John Rhys-Davies, who is joined by a talented cast that includes Jade Williams, Ian Porter, Finty Williams, David Shaw-Parker, and many more.

Fans of radio theatre are in for a rollicking adventure as Frank, at only 18 years of age, leaves England on a voyage to America in hopes of making his own way, proving himself to his uncle, Captain Harold Bayley, and eventually clearing his name. Along the way Frank meets a variety of interesting characters, some of whom point him to the grace of God as the way to find peace from his troubled past.

Captain Bayley's Heir
The story continues on both continents, as Frank’s new life unfolds, and we are treated to the continuation of the life he left behind in England. Children love these audio books for the unusual characters and their adventures, parents love them for the biblical and moral teaching. Everyone can enjoy them for the over 2 hours of entertainment they provide, whether in the car or at home. Heirloom Audio Productions has once again produced a study guide to help parents and their children dig deeper into the history and truths found in the story.

Will Frank survive the dangers of the wagon train, will he strike gold, or strike out? Will his uncle ever believe he was unjustly accused? Order your family a copy of Captain Bayley’s Heir to find out and get ready for an adventure to remember.

Parents may also want to check our Heirloom Audio’s Live the Adventure Club, an online site dedicated to helping families learn more about history and character building through wholesome family entertainment and activities. This site is full of activities, historic books, and activities to expand upon the audio dramas and the time period they represent. More information can be found at


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