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Cadron Creek has come to be known for it’s excellent unit study curriculum guides.  Their first study, the Prairie Primer, has won awards.  It has been followed up byFurther Up and Further In (a study of the Narnia books) and Where the Brook & River Meet (based on Anne of Green Gables).

A select number of Crew members have been chosen to receive one of the following unit studies:

Discover that Pa and Caroline were married in the year Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Understand why men moved their families to the frontier. Learn how common diseases of the day had life-changing effects on even the isolated homes of the prairie. See how the U.S. government’s Indian policies affected homesteaders.

Based on the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, The Prairie Primer opens a door to the 1800’s world of the homesteader on the American frontier. Discover that Pa and Caroline were married in the year Abraham Lincoln was elected president. Understand why men moved their families to the frontier.

This award-winning curriculum has been utilized by government, private, and home schools for both regular academic programs and as a summer supplemental course. Although developed for students in grades 3–6, it has been used successfully with younger as well as older students.

In addition to literature and history, The Primer covers social studies, geography, writing, science, health, nutrition, Bible, character building, and life application.

The wide variety of subjects and activities allows the instructor to tailor the study to the age, ability, and interest appropriate for your child.

What Shakespearean play influenced The Voyage of the Dawn Treader? Where would you find minarets like those in The Horse and His Boy? What does Turkish Delight taste like? Step through the wardrobe with wardrobe with Further Up and Further In and find out!

Like each of the Cadron Creek unit studies, Further Up and Further In is a highly self-contained curriculum. This full-year curriculum is an extensive study of The Chronicles of Narnia, which integrates a wide range of subject studies, including English literature, social studies, geography, Bible and character building, cooking, and art. It also supplements science and history.

Each of the seven books in the Narnia series is studied in a separate four-week unit. The Appendix section comes complete with recipes, activity directions, recommended reading for background information, poems, a resource listing, and a list of subjects covered, organized under headings for quick reference.

Adventurers who read at a fourth to eighth grade level will benefit the most from this study, but it may be easily adapted for anyone who is not too old to expand his or her horizons. The seven books in The Chronicles of Narnia will need to be purchased separately. (The 1995 printing of the Scholastic edition is referenced in this study.)

Through varied, thought-provoking activities that stimulate interest and inquiry, they will explore the events and thinking of the time. Combining elements of the classical education of Anne’s day—dictation, recitation, memorization, essay writing—with the interdisciplinary approach of today—use of primary documents, filed trips, hands-on projects—this study will challenge students to reflect on the historical issues of the Victorian day as well as the personal challenges of growing up.

While following the lively, imaginative Anne into young womanhood, students will be led to look at their own journey into maturity. From discussions of self-acceptance, appearance, friendship, and romance, they will move beyond to reflect on character-building questions. What does it take to be a good friends? What should be the topic of our conversations? What are the effects of unforgivingness? For, at the heart of this study is the author’s desire to see young women grow into the grace of womanhood and the fruitfulness of the Lord.

Every aspect of Where the Brook and River Meet is designed to enhance learning. Detailed lesson plans, subject headings, activity icons, informational appendices, and more guide the student and instructor through the variety of learning experiences. The scholarly tasks of reading, research, and writing are well balanced with many hands-on exercised like flower pounding, print making, and drawing. Dialogue-based reading comprehension questions and other discussion-type activities build communication between parent and child.

This interdisciplinary curriculum is designed primarily for high school students. It is a full academic year program which covers a number of subject areas: literature, history, writing, grammar, fine arts, social studies, Bible, religion, occupational education, and health. Students will be exposed to many aspects of these subjects including: the opera and visual arts of the period; literature from many eras; poetry appreciation; a woman’s role in society; information on the nature, prevention, and care of diseases; the attitude of service to the sick and injured as well as the less fortunate. In keeping with the spirit of the Victorian age, a one-year course in Latin is suggested. Separate mathematic and laboratory science programs should be added to round of the curriculum.

Be sure to check back here to find out what the Crew has to say about these in-depth unit study curriculum guides. In the meantime, be sure to check out Cadron Creek’s website and see all the supplemental materials they also have available.

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  1. I am very intrigued by the books that tie in with other classic literature. The Shakespeare tie in to this book. I also think that for 4th -8th graders this would be a great year long study since it incorporates so many subjects into the book.

  2. We LOVE the Anne of Green Gables study "Where the Brook and River Meet." If you've been thinking about using this, I'd say GO FOR IT! If you've never heard of this, go check it out. You'll be so glad you did!!



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