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This article is in collaboration with all About Spelling.

All About Spelling has another book called All About Homophones.

Here is a bit about this book:

Homophones are words that sound alike but are spelled differently (such as *bear* and *bare*, and *peace* and *piece*). A great way to teach your child correct word usage is by providing practice through a number of interesting activities.

All About Homophones: Your Complete Tool Kit includes engaging worksheets, homophone games, activity cards, a huge list of homophones, and more. Your children will have fun while learning these sets of words!

9 thoughts on “All About Spelling – All About Homophones”

  1. All About Spelling is a company that appears to be constantly striving to be bigger and better. The new homophone book will be a great addition to any language arts curriculum.

  2. This is another part of her curriculum that I just love and will use till it is totally done! Thanks for such a great product!

    Tammy G.

  3. It took me awhile to begin to remember what homophones are, but I found the book helpful to me to remember what they are in the future. It also has loads of great activities in it that will help me as I teach homophones to my son, and they are broken down so that the book is used progressively year after year, with progressing levels of difficulty.

    Don't forget to visit The Homophone Machine as well! Lots of fun!


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