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Books are a wonderful way to engage your children and give them access to a world otherwise unknown. We love using novels as an interesting way to introduce our children to a culture or location. Through the use of story they can come to learn about and love other cultures, lands, and history. 

Britfield & the Lost Crown by C.R. Stewart is the first book in a series of five adventure novels meant to transport children (and adults) into the suspenseful world of orphans Tom and Sarah.

Crew members were given either a physical or digital copy of the book to use along with the free e-book study guide (83 pages).

Britfield & The Lost Crown (Book 1)

  • Author: C.R. Stewart
  • 386 pages
  • Juvenile fiction
  • ISBN 978-1-7329612-1-0

About the story

The story of Britfield & the Lost Crown takes place in the United Kingdom. After escaping from the orphanage in a hot air balloon, the reader will follow along as Tom, and his best friend Sarah, are chased by Detective Gowerstone and his police force.

While caught up in the action taking them from Yorkshire to the shores of Dover, readers will be exposed to the rich geography, history, and architecture of England.

Along their journey Tom and Sarah will befriend two professors. The professors will eventually help them on their way to discover if Tom’s parents are truly still alive and if he is, indeed, heir to the throne.

Britfield & the Lost Crown Study Guide

  • 83 pages
  • 8-week course

The study guide companion is an e-book that can be downloaded and printed. Containing vocabulary study, comprehension and further in depth questions, it is a comprehensive guide. It also includes suggestions for ways to enrich learning through further study of the people and places mentioned in the novel.

In addition to the study guide, the website also includes information and pictures about the locations mentioned in the novel to use in enhancing your study.

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