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Today has been a beautiful sunny day with the whisper of spring in the air. Down in the Southern Hemisphere we are looking forward to warmer days and being out in the great outdoors. Here on the Crew we have had a great month reviewing some new products, be sure to take a look at these

This month we have 15 members of the Homeschool Review Crew sharing encouragement with you from their blogs. We envite you to grab a cup of your favourite beverage, a quiet spot and time to be encouraged for the month ahead.

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  • Top Ten Educational Subscription Boxes for Teens – Hands-on projects are a great educational tool, and with the advent of the subscription box phenomenon, there are so many fabulous ones now available!! We’ve tested out about forty of them, and here are our top ten favorites….plus coupons & bonuses. 😎
  • The Golden Bull & Mesopotamian Mythology – Part of the Modern Mythology series, this book takes us to the Tigris and Euphrates… Enjoy reading, movie, vocabulary, and hands-on activities in this free unit study.
  • Top Ten Vintage Novel Series for Boys – In 1944, C.S. Lewis stated, “There is a strange idea abroad that in every subject the ancient books should be read only by the professionals, and that the amateur should content himself with the modern books.” He went on to say, “If a reader must read only the new or the old {books}, I would advise him to read the old.”
  • Should You be You-Tube Schooling? – Who doesn’t turn to YouTube for learning new skills these days? But are there better resources for online / video-based schooling?

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  • The True Story of Homeschooling – “Day one of our homeschool year was fine. On day two only some of the kids checked all their boxes, but everyone learned something called “A quiet preschooler is a shiny preschooler.” It’s a valuable life lesson. ”

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  • Interactive Unit Studies – Finding unit studies for the upper grades is more difficult, but well worth your time. Check out the ones that I have found.
  • Grade Nine Curriculum Choices – What my ninth grader is doing for his grade nine studies. History, science, language arts and more. I need to be careful to not overwhelm him.
  • Art Tells a Story – For some children, the best way to do art is to turn it into a story. It shows their passions in life brought out into art form.
  • Developing Independence – Help your children develop needed skills in life, nurture their independence. It’s a process, slow for some and quicker for others. Learn why it is well worth nurturing.

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  • Raising Bookworms: What We Read in July 2019 – “We Want To Read All The Books… So we got a little side tracked from our summer reading basket this month. But that is OK, because we were just digging in deeper and learning more. I know that the Magic Tree House series gets a lot of slack. People either love it or hate it. I will admit, when I read on a forum that one woman calls them “Jack and Annie said” books, I couldn’t disagree with that comment.”
  • YET ANOTHER USA HOMESCHOOL BOOK HAUL Part 2: Homeschooling on a Budget – “Books, books & more books… I love doing book hauls! However it is not unusual for me to be behind on getting them posted. I finally release the second of my book hauls from the spring. Since we are heading back down to the states in a few weeks I figured I better get my butt moving to share these. So stay tune, next weekend I will be posting the last of my USA Homeschool Book Haul.”
  • Not Back to School Blog Hop: Homeschooling with Autism – “Parents sometimes assume that sending their child with ASD to school is the best thing that they can do for them. They feel they are not qualified enough. But that is just simply not true. If you as a parent you feel compelled to homeschool, you should explore your options. You may not have a teaching degree, or any child development training, and that’s OK. In the end you are the leading expert in the most important subject. That subject is your child. No one knows your child better then you do.”
  • Not Back to School Blog Hop: Homeschooling with Autism & Learning to Read – “Can Children With Autism Even Learn To Read?? I’m always shocked when I hear that some people actually believe their child with autism might never learn to read. But then I remember that not everyone has heard of Glenn Doman. Who Is Glenn Doman?”

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  • Back to School Blues – Homeschooling is a labor of love, one that I’m not always sure I can balance correctly. In this post, I share why I decided to continue homeschooling after tackling doubt.

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