Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks Reviews

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Does your child enjoy boats, castles, barns, forts, letters, flowers, or shapes? Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks can be all of that and more; with a little creativity children can build whatever they can imagine.  Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks are one of a variety of fun and educational toys sold by Brain Blox.

The mission statement of Brain Blox is “To empower families to be more conscious & intentional with one another. Often that begins with turning screens off and engaging in the wide world around them. Meaningful play not only builds vibrant family relationships and friendships but nurtures healthy brain development and confidence.”

The Wooden Building Planks are sets of wooden planks that can be put together in thousands of different ways to create. They come in sets of 100, 200, or 300 planks. The planks are all made from 100% all-natural, precision-cut, chemical-free, New Zealand natural pine wood.  The sets each include a booklet of ideas and a nice red drawstring bag to keep all of the wooden planks together when they are not being used.

These versatile planks can be used for creative free play or as educational tools. The website includes a variety of free resources to help you utilize them including spatial awareness curriculum, a downloadable idea booklet, printable puzzle sheets, and idea cards.  There is also a great selection of build ideas videos for those students that prefer video ideas.

Included in the free resources are ideas for using these planks to build letters and numbers with students who are beginning to learn those skills. There are also ideas for older students like castles or ocean liners. The idea cards range in difficulty from basic shapes in level one to more challenging boats and buildings in level eight.  The puzzles provide opportunities to use the blocks and logic to solve problems. For example, moving on three planks to reverse a pattern or changing one plank to make a math equation correct.

Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks are recommended for ages 4 to 104, they can even be used with toddlers who enjoy stacking the planks and knocking them over again.

The Review Crew has had the privilege of reviewing these blocks over the last several weeks and you can read their reviews to see all of the different ways that they used them in their families.

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