Blog Cruise — Using Technology in the Homeschool

Computers, iPads, iPods, smart phones, Kindle Fires, software, online learning, apps, eBooks, Netflix streaming, video-based learning . . . there is a plethora of technology available to homeschoolers today. I don’t know what the statistics are, but it’s been my observation that a large percentage are participating in at least one form of high-tech method.

Today, several members of the Crew are sharing with us how they utilize the many choices of technology for their own homeschools.

Karyn @ Teach Beside MeTechnology in Our Homeschool 

We often use the internet just for researching topics that we are interested in or to answer the many questions my kids have. We use technology regularly in our schooling- but I also greatly limit the amount that we use.

Wendy @ Life at RossmontThe Technological Homeschool

We’ve always used some form of technology in our home school, but I’ll be the first to admit that it really has evolved over the past several years!

Kayla @ The Arrowood Zoo5 To Ways I Use Technology in Our Homeschool

I can’t pretend to know it all. You would see right through me in a short time, so I am thankful for technology because without it I wouldn’t be successfully teaching my children at home!

Kristi @ The Potter’s Hand AcademyTechnology Isn’t Scary! I Promise!

 Kids today, I swear, are born wired in.  It’s rather creepy, if you think about it.  Very Matrix-y.  But, it is what it is.  I believe wholeheartedly that the world around us is changing.  Our approach to technology must absolutely keep up with the world around us.

Marcy @ Ben and MeAppSchooling

We are a technology-loving family! We have both an iPad and Kindle Fire and have found them to enrich our homeschool greatly.

Thanks for joining us for this week’s Blog Cruise. I hope you found some great ideas for using technology in your homeschool!

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