Blog Cruise – How Do You Teach Advanced Subjects?

If you’ve been homeschooling long, you’ve probably heard this question. You may have even wondered it yourself. How are you going to teach a subject that you are not an expert in? What about a subject that you know nothing about?

There are 3 basic options for teaching difficult subjects.

  1. Learn the subject with, or slightly ahead of, your student.
  2. Use resources that allow the student to teach himself.
  3. Have someone else teach the student.

There are a lot of possible ways to apply option 3, including on-line classes, video courses, and actual classes outside the home.

How do members of the Homeschool Crew answer this question?

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~Lisa @ The Berry Patch – Is it Possible to Teach High School at Home?

Next week’s topic: How has homeschooling affected your family?

This article was written by Kristen @ A Day in the Life.

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