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This article is in collaboration with Math Galaxy.

Math Galaxy  is the most recent math product reviewed by the TOS Homeschool Crew this year.  Galaxy of Education strives to produce supplementary materials starting at the beginning with addition, focusing on multi-step problem solving.  Their premise is that teachers and computers are both important in teaching math, with the computer’s main strength being the ability to review specific skills without getting frustrated or tired.  From their website, “Our goal is to provide students a foundation for analytical thinking in the modern world and for higher-level math and science.”

Math Galaxy includes three different types of products —

The main product type is a computer program (that works on both PCs and Macs) that gives you a choice of topics, and within each topic you can be guided step by step through the problem, or just give the final answer.

There are also games included in the program.  One has you competing against the computer (or another player) to build a bridge across a swamp.  Other games have you unscrambling words, or figuring out riddles.

The second product type is a worksheet generator.  It is a computer program that will create riddle worksheets.   The third product type is an e-book with already created riddle worksheets.

The subjects covered include:

•    Whole Numbers Fun, meant for grades 1-4
•    Fractions Fun, meant for grade 5
•    Decimals, Proportions, % Fun, meant for grade 6
•    Word Problems Fun, which covers elementary and middle school math
•    Pre-Algebra Fun, for middle school
•    Algebra Fundamentals, obviously, is for algebra students

Worksheet generators are available for Whole Numbers; Fractions; Decimals, Proportions, %; and Algebra.

E-Books are available for Whole Numbers and Fractions.

Crew members were able to choose products to download and use in their homes.

***Special thanks to Crew Mate Debra for writing this post!***

12 thoughts on “Math Galaxy Reviews”

  1. I love that this program has advanced levels all the way through algebra, and it's way more than just math drill. We will be using it throughout high school for tutoring, practice and review!

  2. We are still not sure exactly how we feel on this product. We will keep working with it to improve scores.

    Julie K Traininf for Eternity

  3. We had so much fun reviewing math facts using Math Galaxy. It is also a fun way to practice a bit of spelling and vocabulary playing the riddles and word jumbles. They have something for every math level and it's painless to use.


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