Blog Cruise – How Do You Instill the Love of Learning in Your Children?

Instilling the love of learning. It’s a phrase that’s tossed around in some homeschooling circles. But what does it mean? Is it important? How can you do it? It’s the topic of this week’s Blog Cruise, so climb aboard and see.

~Sheri @ Homeschooling on a Wing and a Prayer tells How to destroy the innate love of learning in your child.

~Nikki @ Joy in the Journey shares her answer to How Do You Instill the Love of Learning in Your Child?

~Mama Squirrel @ Dewey’s Treehouse writes Love of learning through planning and purpose.

~Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts and Minds lists Top Ten Ways to Raise Super Learners.

~Debbie @ Debbie’s Homeschool Corner shares Learning and Loving It!

~Debra @ Footprints in the Butter says we are Loving Our Literature.

Enjoy your cruise and leave a comment or two. Don’t miss next week when we answer, “How can I homeschool if my child won’t obey me?”

This article was compiled by Kristen who blogs at A Day in the Life.

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