Blog Cruise – Homeschooling Burnout

Burnout. What is it? What does it mean?

When I hear the term, I think of a light bulb that is burned out, but that really isn’t a good analogy. We may feel that we have no energy left, but we don’t need to be thrown away and replaced. There are ways to be refreshed when we’re feeling burned out, and there are things we can do to avoid getting to the point of burnout in the first place. Because unlike a light bulb, we don’t suddenly stop. There are signs that we’re doing too much or losing our excitement.

This week the Crew has shared some of their thoughts on the subject. As usual, there are many different perspectives shared. Hopefully you’ll see something that will help you regain your spark for homeschooling.

~Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads adds Homeschooling: Too Much to Do, Too Little Time?

~Debbie @ Debbie’s Homeschool Corner provides some home remedies for Spring Fever.

~Heidi @ Reviews and Reflections asks, “Homeschoolers, are you experiencing burnout?

~Mama Squirrel @ Dewey’s Treehouse writes On Choices, burnout, and violets.

~Debra @ Footprints in the Butter says, “‘Tis the season—for burnout.”

~Debbie @ Debbie’s Digest tells What to do when you are stressed and going crazy! And how to avoid getting that way!

~Lori @ Loving Learning at Home tells How we put life back in our homeschool days.

~Lisa @ The Berry Patch wonders if it’s Cabin Fever or Burnout?

~Mrs. White @ The Legacy of Home details Homeschooling as a Way of Life.

Be sure to come aboard next week when the Crew tackles How to instill the love of learning in your child.

This article was written by Kristen @ A Day in the Life.

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