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This article is in collaboration with Time 4 Learning.

Time 4 Learning  offers “a convenient, online educational program that combines learning with fun educational teaching games.” The independent format is great for kids and the games make learning lots of fun. Members of the Crew received a 30-day membership of the newly released Pre-K program.

The Pre-K level of Time 4 Learning uses high-interest topics to keep young children engaged. Each topic offers a variety of activities from short videos, matching games, stories, puzzles, and other appealing activities. Young children will enjoy the colorful graphics and interesting characters.

With 40 topics divided over two levels, your child is sure to discover a subject that interests him. Here are just a few of the subjects your child can explore:

  • Numbers
  • Feelings
  • Sports
  • Human Body
  • On the Farm
  • Space
  • Weather
  • Insects
  • Color Mixing
  • Out to Sea
  • Manners

Time 4 Learning offers access to their pre-K to 8th grade programs on a month-to-month basis.

Interested in reading more about the Pre-K level at Time 4 Learning? Discover what our Crew members have to say:

***Special Thanks to Crew Mate Tonia for writing this introductory article!

6 thoughts on “Time 4 Learning Reviews”

  1. I didn't review this because I don't have any children in this age group, But this looks so cute.


  2. My dd has been using http://www.Time4Learning.com for a couple of years now…The K-8th program is just wonderful all around…

    I can not tell you how super excited I was when they came out with the Pre-k program , My son who is 3 has been using it about 6 months and loves it!!!…I used to feel bad becasue he would want to do his sissy work and couldnt..but now he has his own "school" to do now 🙂

    I would totally recommend this program to anyone..plus if you buy at least 3 months in advance you get a nice lil discount on top of the low price $-)

  3. In the world of technology, getting our children exposed to computer learning is a good thing. I would not necessarily say it’s the best learning, but like I said-enhance learning. I suppose I am still a hands-on learning type of gal—so naturally, I want my children to learn the love of reading books not a screen. —-Jessica S. @ A Mother of Action #52


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