Blog Cruise – How Can I Homeschool if My Child Won't Obey Me?

Every homeschooling family I know has children who dress in matching clothes and come line up when a whistle blows, Sound of Music style. So if you don’t have discipline like that, you’d better not even think of homeschooling.

That is far from being true. I haven’t personally heard this obedience concern posed as a question, but rather as an excuse.

“I could never homeschool. My child won’t obey me.”


I’m not sure how you’re going to get them to do their homework then either.

Seriously, no homeschool family has perfectly obedient kids. How do I know? Because no child is perfectly obedient. Some families have more issues with discipline then others, but homeschooling allows us to spend more time with our children, develop strong relationship with our children, and hopefully teach them to do their assigned tasks cheerfully. (We’re still working on that here!)

This week The Homeschool Crew took on this question. Climb aboard the Blog Cruise to see their responses.

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Come by next week when we talk about homeschool during the summer.

This article was written by Kristen @ A Day in the Life who homeschools her 4 imperfectly obedient children.

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