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This article is in collaboration with Lesson Planet.

Lesson Planet is a website that strives to help teachers and parents find the information they need ~ fast. With over 225,000 online lesson plans and worksheets to search through, there is a little something for everyone, helping save valuable time for teachers.

The search-engine site began in 1999 and was designed specifically with educators in mind. It is an advertising free site, relying solely on member support. Memberships are available for teachers, homeschoolers and even an entire school district.

Lesson Planet provides numerous ways for teachers to refine and narrow their searches for online curriculum resources, including:

  • Searching by keyword, grade level and overall rating
  • Clicking the Narrow, Related or My Recent Searches keyword options
  • Browsing for reviewed resources by Subject, Calendar or Theme
  • Exploring relevant State Standards, matched to each member’s state
  • Utilizing Advanced Search to narrow by duration, method, technology, and more

Members of Lesson Planet also have access to web-based tools including  LessonMaker, NewsletterMaker and Online Storage. In addition to searching for lesson plans and worksheets, they are able to create their own plans using the additional online features.

TOS Homeschool Crew Members received a 3 month subscription to Lesson Planet.  Visit the links below to see opinions on this product.

***Special thanks to First Mate Jolanthe for writing this introductory article!

8 thoughts on “Lesson Planet”

  1. Having googled for many years, this site would not be useful to me, however some parents would appreciate the vast searching capabilities.

  2. …just not for us. I find we are not worksheet people, and since i can find what i am looking for on the internet pretty efficiently, this wasn't a great value for me.

  3. I found some fun ideas for teaching a couple of lessons for my 4-H Club and my Homeschool Book Club as well. There are some very creative materials available out there, & with the Lesson Planet, I was able to find some things very quickly – not just worksheets 🙂

  4. For those who get frustrated wading through all the junk on a search engine like Google. Lesson Planet gives you just what you're looking for in one search.

  5. I liked the calendar feature. Pick any day and get links to things that happened on that day.




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