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Art is one of those things that I have discovered is often either passionately embraced or avoided in many homeschool homes. Some families just seem to easily do art regularly and others of us wouldn’t know which end of a paintbrush to hold. Pinterest can hold some treasures, however when I speak to homeschool Mom’s I find that it brings more guilt or condemnation then it does inspiration.  Over the last few years the Homeschool Review Crew have had the privledge of trying out some fabulous products from the following Vendors.  I would like to encourage you to take a look at:

A couple of our Crew Members host a weekly art link up and would like to invite you to get creative with your children and come and share your art with us on our Virtual Fridge either at Homeschool Coffee Break or Every Bed of Roses.

Chareen at Every Bed of Roses shares

Kirsten @ DoodleMom’s Homeschooling Life shares

  • Togetherness – A look back at the art times we spent over the years and what it did for my kids
  • Dancing Sculptures – How art and creativity are spontaneous and lead to great birthday decorations!
  • Watercolor Wishes And Ukrainian Cats – Art can be creatively collaborative and in our little homeschool that usually leads to the best kind.
  • A Window To My Son’s Soul – Watching my son create a masterpiece opened up a window to his soul and gave me the chance to peer inside.

Kelly K @ God’s Writer Girl shares

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee Break shares

Annette V @ A Net in Time shares

  • Art Class, different than one-on-one – Doing art in a class is very different than teaching art one-on-one at home.
  • Progression in an Art Project – I started this project with the high hopes that my lad would join in and make one of his own, but the method and the medium where just too different for him to wrap his head around, so I made it sitting next to him as he worked on his own project. This gave me the opportunity to say.. so this is what I am doing now.. what do you think? Or do you think if I do this it might work? This proved to be a really really good thing to do. He gave me some great ideas as well. 🙂
  • Reluctant artist, what do you do? – “I would never say that I am an artist, but I have birthed a lad who has creativity tied into his bones. I’ve worked to bring that creativity into our schooling…and this year and finding myself tying it in however I can. BUT in all his creativity he’s a rather deliberate lad. He hates, absolutely HATES to waste his time. Despises it with a passion… which sometimes creates a reluctant artist.. What’s a teacher to do?”


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