Video Based Art Curriculum for All Ages! (See the Light Review)

favfineartscurrArt is one of those subjects where homeschooling moms worry about teaching. Well worry no more because See the Light has you covered in this fine art with video based art curriculum.

See the Light is the brain child of Dave and Pat Holt who have teamed up with talented artists and musicians to bring you biblical principles in a fun and exciting way. All the while your child is learning valuable art skills.

Members of the Schoolhouse Crew received several different Art Projects and Bible Story DVDs including:

seethelight (2)


Cartooning (5+)

God’s Special Surprise (6+)

Shipwrecked (6+)

God’s Runaway (6+)

Dreams of Joseph (10+)

Tiffany Window (10+)

Repeated Sweets (10+)

Paper Jungle (10+)

Pointillism Fruit (10+)

Poppy Collage (10+)

seethelight2 (2)

All of the Art Project DVDs are taught by Master Artist, Pat Knepley who has been drawing since she was old enough to hold a crayon. With the Bible Stories collections your child will See, Hear, Draw, and Share great Bible stories. With any of these art project DVDs your child will watch the four video presentations and then produce their own masterpiece ready for your home gallery.

Each Art Project and Bible Stories course can be purchased individually for $14.99 or as a bundle set for just $99.99. These DVDs are recommended for children aged 5-18 and will bring out the little Picasso in every child.

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