Year-End Homeschool Evaluation — What worked? What didn’t?

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Erica B. @ Be the OneFinishing Strong

Taking a step back in time to look at this year, while taking a huge leap forward in graduating our oldest!


Jennifer L. @ Royal Little LambsAnnual Evaluation

I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve grown with God this past year. I am so different than I was even a few months ago. He has changed my heart and our family is so much more successful for the Kingdom and on the righter path. When I look back at all we’ve accomplished, I feel good. I see how much progress we’ve made! The bad days seem far away and the overall picture is success. I look forward to some downtime and planning for next year. We’re not changing much. Things are too good right now.


Candace @ His Mercy Is NewEnd of the Year

I love these posts every year! Part of it is the planner in me, finding what we will do for the coming year is exciting. But, when I look back at what we’ve done for the entire school year, I am ENCOURAGED. I see that we really did accomplish a lot! And that boosts me to keep on keeping on.


Patience @ Savvy HomeschoolSchool Year in Review 2012-2013

How our homeschool year progressed for my boys, things that worked and things that didn’t.


Amanda @ Our Heart and HomeHomeschool Year Review

Even we “school year rounders” tend to review our year at this time of year and decide what worked and what didn’t. I am so thankful to actually feel as if this year was mostly a success, but there are a few things that I will change.


Nicole @ Schooling in the SunYear End Evaluation — Of Our Homeschool

I started with this post by looking up what I had proudly announced as our (drum roll, please) curriculum choices for this past year. And then I choked on my popcorn. Umm, yeah. I was tremendously ambitious and / or delusional. What we are doing now is sooooo not what we started with!


Bethany @ Little Homeschool BlessingsEnd of Year Assessments and Narratives

What should you take to your year end homeschool evaluation? You can help out the person doing your evaluation by a little advanced preparation.


Leah @ As We Walk Along the RoadLooking Back: What Worked and What Didn’t

It’s that time of year in our homeschool. When May rolls around we’re finishing up our book work for this school year and packing away all of those things we are through with. Evaluation of what we are doing takes place all the time, but at this time of year I like to look particularly at all of the curriculum we used and find out what worked and what didn’t.


Debbie @ Debbie’s Homeschool CornerLooking Back at Our School  Year

I’m not sure either of us is finishing the year with a good feeling about it.  

Now I’m evaluating what I need to do differently for next year.

Jenni @ ConversavingWinding Down and Gearing Up

This time of year we start winding down the old school year and gearing up for the next year. I look at all the things we did and take some time to see if we reached our goals and accomplished the things we set out to learn. I try to see what worked for us and what things we need to tweak for the upcoming year.


Sarah @ My Joy-Filled LifeAssessing Our School Year

Last year we made the switch to schooling year round. Since we don’t technically have an end date, I still need to take the time at least once a year, if not twice, to assess how our schooling is going and make any necessary changes to our curriculum and/or our approach.


Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts & MindsWhen Learning Is Not Fun

Do you ever think, why am I doing this homeschool thing? Nobody’s having fun and I’m not even sure they’re learning anything!


Kristi @ The Potter’s Hand Academy —  Yearly Recap

As the 2012/13 school year comes to a close, it’s time to take a step back, see what worked, and see what didn’t.


Sarah @ Delivering GraceThe best of the year

I’m limping towards the end of the academic year and planning for the next.

Part of the planning is working on what has and what hasn’t worked. Another part of the assessment is thinking about the best parts of the year.


Kym @ Homeschool Coffee BreakLooking Back — Looking Forward

Another school year is nearing the end, and as we start to put away the books and think ahead to next year, part of the process is to evaluate how we did over the year and what changes we’ll need to consider for the coming year. What aspects of our homeschool rocked? Where did we do tolerably well? Where is there room for improvement?


Marcy @ Ben and MeReflections on the School Year

Overall, things are going well for us this year. How about you? Have you discovered what worked and what didn’t?


Nicole @ Journey to ExcellenceSo How Did We Do? An End of the Year Review

Homeschooling is an ever-changing endeavor. That’s why it’s nice to complete our third year knowing that we have pretty much found our groove with minimal changes needed for next year.


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