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Say goodbye to the drudgery and fear of writing high school essays! Andrew Pudewa, from Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW), has a solution to teaching students how to write well and prepare for the essay portion of the ACT and SAT without the unnecessary intimidation that often accompanies writing at the high school level. The Homeschool Review Crew has been reviewing the High School Essay Intensive from Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW).



Institute for Excellence in Writing High School Essay Intensive

The High School Essay Intensive is on its second edition and comes with DVD seminars and handouts and is intended to be used with students in high school, Grades 9 through 12. The intensive includes:


  • 5 DVDs
  • Student Handouts
  • Portable Walls for the Essayist Folder

A sneak peek inside the DVD seminars, and you will find a comprehensive Essay Intensive packed with everything your high school student needs to know to become competent and gain confidence in writing essays. The packet includes handouts for the student to accompany these well-organized DVD seminars to cover topics of:

Part 1A – General Strategies for Essay Writing: Length and Structure

  • Initial Exercise
  • What is an essay?
  • Two Questions Writers Need to Ask
  • Translating Assignment Length to Paragraphs
  • Types of Paragraph
  • The TRIAC Paragraph Model
  • Essay Models

Part 1B – General Strategies for Essay Writing: Invention and Style

  • Canons of Rhetoric
  • Invention
  • Practicing Common Topics of Invention
  • Practice with TRIAC Outline
  • Sentence Patterns
  • Literary Devices: Schemes and Tropes
  • Practice with Sentence Openers and Figures of Speech

Part 2 – Understanding and Preparing for the New ACT Essay

  • ACT General Guidelines
  • The Assignment
  • Strategies for Planning
  • Strategies for Writing
  • Strategies for Proofing
Part 3 – Understanding and Preparing for the Redesigned SAT Essay
  • General Guidelines
  • The Assignment
  • Annotating
  • Handy Annotation System
  • Annotating Practice
  • Strategies for Planning
  • Strategies for Writing
  • Using Effective Vocabulary
  • Strategies for Proofing

Part 4 – Strategies for the Personal Essay

  • General Guidelines
  • Sample Essay Prompts
  • Strategies for Planning: Pop out from the Crowd
  • Strategies for Writing, Editing, and Proofreading
  • A Not-So-Secret Secret
  • Final Practice
  • Concluding Comments
  • Last Bits of Advice for Life


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