A Good Read (A Blog Cruise)


Candace @ His Mercy is NewAbundant Simplicity

“We practice simplicity when we intentionally arrange our life around God – what he is doing in us and in this world –
and let the rest drop off.”
~ Jan Johnson, author of
Abundant Simplicity: Discovering the Unhurried Rhythms of Grace

Brandy @ Kingdom AcademyGod King: A Story in the Days of King Hezekiah

The history and the story weave together so perfectly that you just get lost in the book!

Beth @ Ozark RamblingsWhere Have All the Good Books Gone?

Eighty percent of all books have been published since 1980. Eighty percent of those would have been better off left as trees. So how do you find the remainder worth reading?

Erica @ Be the OneA Good Read: Hearts of Fire

The inspiring true stories of eight different women and their life of faith as a Christian in an underground church, published by Voice of the Martyrs.

Karyn @ Teach Beside MeBuncha-Buncha Books

Since books are some of my favorite things, I am always happy to get a good book to read. I have a whole bunch of great books to share with you today. I hope some of these will your next favorite!

 Bethany @ Little Homeschool BlessingsThe Jungle Book and the Second Jungle Book and Notes on the Undertaker Chapter

The Jungle Book and The Second Jungle Book are two books that have become favorites around here.

Nicole @ Journey to ExcellenceHistorical Fiction: Inspired to Research

When you saw the movie Titanic, did you do like I did and research everything you could about the people on that fateful voyage? That’s what a good piece of historical fiction does to me. It makes me want to learn MORE!

Kerry @ Old-Fashioned GirlsRuthless Trust

This is one of those life changing books♥

Gwen @ Tolivers to TexasGood Reads for All Ages

Reading together with your kids is one of the very best ways to educate them and to strengthen your relationship. With a big family, it’s hard to find the time, but – you have time for whatever is important to you!

Laura @ Loving and Learning on the High Plains What are you reading? 

Lately I’ve had a few books to “read for review” added to my book pile. It’s been a lot of fun getting new books in the mail. Here’s a summary of what we are reading, have read, and what we thought of them. I also have some tips for you on how to get more good books without breaking the bank.

Leah @ As We Walk Along the RoadA Good Read Blog Cruise: Featuring Some of My Favorite Reads

I frequently blog about books over at my Leah’s Good Reads blog. But today I’m happy to bring some of my favorite reads here for the Good Read Blog Cruise! Here are some of my recent favorites.

Heather @ Only Passionate CuriosityUncovering the Logic of English

I am not a natural speller. Far from it. As a child, my parents bought me a pocket speller in an attempt to help me in school, but I spell so poorly that the computer couldn’t even figure out what I was trying to look up to spell it for me. One book has given me hope.

Sarah @ Delivery Grace 6 Favorite Resources for Teaching Children about Church History

My favourite church history resource is “Sketches from church history-an illustrated account of 20 centuries of Christ’s power” by SM Houghton.

Sara @ Embracy DestinyIn the Company of a Good Book

I wouldn’t even attempt a guess at how many books I’ve read in my lifetime, nor how many I have yet to read. Books have been my lifelong companions, the company I’ve kept from my earliest childhood memories through every stage of my life.

Wendy @ Life at RossmontMy Most Recent Read

Last month I “borrowed” the book, Sue Patrick’s Workbox System User’s Guide, on my Kindle using my Prime membership.

Beth @ WeavingsThe Pleasure of a Good Read (or Read Aloud)

There is nothing I like more than settling down at night, opening a book and reading until I can’t keep my eyes open. But as much as I enjoy my personal reading time there is one thing I enjoy more and that is reading a book aloud to my kids, especially one that has everyone begging for more!

Cristi @ Through the Calm and Through the StormOur Family’s “Best Books” Awards

Our family couldn’t chose just one favorite book to share for the Crew’s Good Reads cruise so we came up with a whole list of our “Best Books” with winners in several different categories.

Amy @ Bow of BronzeMy favorite book ever besides the Bible (if I must choose)

I don’t know about you, but I have a really hard time picking my favorite book. In the end, I have chosen to write about a book – the one book – besides that Bible that has changed me most as a Mom, as a Wife and as a person before God. I hope you will find it, read it, and be changed too!

Rebekah @ There Will Be a $5 Charge for WhiningOn My Bookshelf

If you know me you know I frequently have my nose in a book. And that I have as much trouble parting with my books as I do parting Josiah’s hair. They are my friends. And (shockingly) I have a few favorites.


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