Peterson Directed Handwriting Reviews

This article is in collaboration with Peterson Directed Handwriting.

One of the final products that the Homeschool Review Crew received to review this school year is Peterson Directed Handwriting.

Crew members had the chance to meet online with Rand Nelson to receive some individualized coaching on their method of instruction, and to determine the best placement for their children. Products received by the Crew include not only the traditional print and cursive products, but also the new computer-based PDF By Hand.

Peterson Directed Handwriting is based on movement-based instruction, with a goal of developing fluency in handwriting. The idea is to “develop a recording in muscle memory” through the following steps:

*illustrate and describe

*write in the air and say

*finger trace and say

*write and say

Check out the Peterson Directed Handwriting website, where you can also consult with Rand Nelson. And definitely check out what the members of the Crew have to say.

*Special thanks to First Mate Debra for writing this introductory article!***

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