2022 Blue Ribbon Awards

Every year the members of the Homeschool Review Crew have had the joy and honor of choosing amongst our review products the Blue Ribbon Winners. Winners are selected from amongst this year’s review products in areas such as favorite math curriculum, favorite preschool program, and even the best resource we didn’t know we needed. And it isn’t just homeschooling moms and dads who vote! Our Crew children get involved by voting for Kids’ Choice and Teens’ Choice. 

Let’s take a look at each of our Blue Ribbon Winners for 2022 by hearing from our Crew Members! 

Favorite Reading Resource: Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is one activity my kids NEVER complain about doing. In fact, when I send them off to go do Reading Eggs, they’re excited!”

~ Katie @ Katie J Trent  

Favorite Language Arts: Institute for Excellence in Writing

“I love that I have had no complaints or whining when it comes time to do our Language Arts lessons with Fix It! Grammar! Micah is interested to hear how the story progresses as he fixes the short sentence each day. The Fix It! Grammar program helps me know that Micah is getting the necessary grammar instruction he needs to learn.” 

~ Jaquelin @ A Stable Beginning

Favorite History/Social Studies Resource: Home School in the Woods

Home School in the Woods offers a variety of resources to help make homeschooling easier for you. You can travel back to the Civil War, and Medieval times, go to Egypt, or simply learn American history. With so many times and places to choose from it’s hard to know where to start.”

~ Erin S @ For Him and My Family

Favorite Science Resource: Greg Landry’s Homeschool Science

Greg Landry is a homeschool dad and science teacher who created this program to help homeschooling families with various self-paced science classes. His classes are Christ-centered and taught by Greg through video lectures and resources. I really appreciate that everything needed for these courses is provided – PDF of text, student books, etc.”

~ Kathryn @ Cummings Life

Favorite Math Curriculum: CTC Math

CTCMath is an amazing online math program that has helped me a lot. I love CTCMath! It makes math easy to understand. I used to not be good at math. I would get 50’s. Since we’ve had CTCMath, I’ve been getting 90’s and 100’s. This course is not super easy; it’s still math, but it does explain it in a way I can understand. It’s a great program.” ~ Judy (daughter of Candy)

~ Candy @ Candy Foote Club

Favorite Math Supplement: Super Teachers Worksheet

Color by Number worksheets are also always a hit at my house, and I love that Super Teacher Worksheets have addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts to work out before coloring by number! It’s such a fun way to practice those math facts. 

Megan @ My Full Hands and Heart

Favorite Bible, Devotion or Study: Tommy Nelson Books/ Indescribable Kids

“Family devotions are a great way to connect with your children and bring about meaningful discussions. For this reason, I love The Wonder of Creation: 100 More Devotions About God and Science from Indescribable Kids and Tommy Nelson Books.”

Hannah @ thehannahchase

Favorite Bible Memory/Resource Tool: BibleMemory.com

“I have never been able to accurately memorize scriptures until now. I can’t believe how quickly I am able to memorize and recite scriptures. I’m so grateful to have this wonderful tool in BibleMemory.com that I can share with my family.”

Amy D @ Healthy Happy Farm

Favorite Elective Resource: ARTistic Pursuits

“As the teacher, I appreciate that my kids can get a quality homeschool art education without needing too much from me. The video art lessons from ARTistic Pursuits were easy to understand and follow. And the art history lessons about famous European artists were very interesting.”

Kristi @ Bailey’s Homeschool Adventure

Favorite Book/Audiobook: Tower of Light Christian Resources

“We loved reading this story together, whether it be listening to the story via the audio book or me reading it to my children. We cannot wait to read the other books from Tower of Light Resources. I loved this series! It is definitely one that we will read and reread together!” 

Candice @ parkshomeclassroom

Favorite Helpful Tool or Resource: Super Teachers Worksheets

“One of the great features of Super Teacher Worksheets is that you have access to all the levels of worksheets at one time. You do not need to sign up for a specific grade level. So if your third-grade child is a wiz at mathematics but needs more help spelling, you could pick fourth grade math worksheets but second grade spelling worksheets.” 

Kristen @ A Mom’s Quest to Teach 

Best Resource I Didn’t Know I Needed: Reading Eggs

“With so many fun and interactive learning activities your kids will ask to do Reading Eggs. This program is great for children learning to read but also for those who might need to strengthen their skills and confidence in reading.”

Yvonne- @ yvonne_thelifewebuild

Favorite Preschool Program: LeapFrog

“This program was perfect for him to use during our school time. Once I took a few minutes to show him how Leapfrog worked, he could use it independently. It introduced and reviewed key concepts such as letters, shapes, numbers, animals, etc.” 

Dawn @ Schoolin’ Swag 

Favorite Elementary Product: Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an excellent program because it indeed grows with your student through early and lower levels of elementary. No matter what level your student starts with Reading Eggs easy placement test or through the parent dashboard you will find the confidence they will meet your student where they are at.”

DeShaun @ Little Learner and Mom

Reading Eggs has become a staple in our homeschool! My kids are so excited to use this program to work on their phonics, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and even math skills!”

Krista B @ thehomeschoolingmomma 

Favorite Middle School Product: The Adventum

“For us, these dramatic stories of the Bible helped reinforce (and bring to life) what we studied this year. With The Adventum we learned about ancient history the past school year, and the kids enjoyed hearing these Bible stories. The actors brought the people to life, and the sounds of things like bleating sheep and people working in the background made it realistic and engaging.”

Sharon @ The Secret Life of Homeschoolers

Favorite High School Product: TabletClass Math 

“I would recommend TabletClass Math, Algebra 2 to any child that needs an online math program with videos to watch where the teacher explains and gives examples of each concept. Also, the testing, grading help, and the detailed practice problem explanations are a big plus.” 

Ellen @ Homeschooling Highway 

“Because everything in TabletClass Math is prerecorded and available online, it is an “on-demand” math class. This means students can access the courses any time of the day or night. There is no schedule to work around.” 

Wendy @ Ladybug Daydreams 

Favorite Mom/Parent Product: Teach Sunday School

“I wholeheartedly, hands down recommend Teach Sunday School for everyone! These blueprints are perfect for teaching your children or for family discussions. Having these reference sheets at our disposal has been an invaluable tool for my personal Bible study too.” 

Jaquelin @ A Stable Beginning 

“Because these blueprints provide a glimpse into each book of the Bible, they can also be used as a guide and inspire various ways to approach and read the Bible. For example, knowing that the Book of Revelation mirrors the Old Testament books Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Ezekiel, I can review the blueprints for each of these books, read, and study these books to have a better understanding of the book of Revelation.” 

Hannah @ thehannahchase

Kids Choice: Progeny Press

“Anyone who enjoys Farmer Boy will love this study guide from Progeny Press and families will enjoy doing the activities together. Farmer Boy definitely engages both boys and girls as they follow the hero Almanzo through his farm life in the “olden days.” It is a perfect “homeschool” book and study guide with a wholesome, Christ-centered approach to reading, writing, and language arts lessons.” 

Meredith @ Homeschool Joy at PowerlineProd.com

“There were wonderful activities that tied in multiple academic areas. In Farmer Boy, for example, there were great activities learning about the geography of the book, similes and metaphors, and in depth vocabulary.” 

Candace @ parkshomeclassroom

Teens Choice: YWAM Publishing

C.S. Lewis: Master Storyteller was an excellent addition to our read alouds this year, and we will definitely be incorporating more biographies from YWAM Publishing into our future studies-they are excellent, and I highly recommend them!” 

Rachel @ Slow Down, Enjoy, and Create 

“One of her favorite activities has always been the Display corner where you gather materials that relate to the history and the character in the book. The Study Guides are set up easily enough for you to use them in full or to adapt them to your student.”

Renee @ Reneeknob

All Around Crew Favorite: The Critical Thinking Co.

“I love how engaging the Building Thinking Skills books from The Critical Thinking Co. are. First, it is a quality sturdy workbook with color pages. I love the thick pages and the depth of what the workbook covers. This book is huge (over 400 pages) and includes a full answer key at the back of the book.” 

Patty @ A Mother’s Random Thoughts 

“I loved the open-and-go format of Language Smarts™ Level E. It didn’t require any advanced prep and was easy to dive right into on day one. I appreciated the layout of the pages. There was the right amount of color to spark interest and keep my daughter engaged, yet also enough white space that it didn’t feel overwhelming.” 

Katie @ Katie J Trent

And those are the 2022 Blue Ribbon Awards! To learn more about these wonderful homeschool resources, be sure to follow our social media platforms for links to our website posts and to see reviews from our Crew members. 


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