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This article is in collaboration with Focus on the Family and Tyndale Publishers.

Christian Detective Stories 

Family fiction adventure books are an excellent choice for a read-aloud, and the Quest for the King’s Crown is a fantastic option for the adventure genre. This paperback book, authored by Robert Vernon, is the seventh book in the Last Chance Detective series from Focus on the Family. 

The Last Chance Detectives are a group of friends that regularly meet, not just for friendship but to solve mysteries. Ancient artifacts, treasure, and adventure await this team of sleuths. There is plenty of action in this book, with many twists and turns in the plot. This exciting story has underlying Christian values that teach that some treasures are worth more than gold. 

Quality Family Fiction

All the chapter books in the Last Chance Detective Series are meant for upper elementary to middle school-age readers. However, adults can also enjoy these adventure stories along with their children. Readers will learn about friendship, teamwork, and perseverance while putting on their detective hats and trying to solve these mysteries along with the detectives.

Tyndale Publishers 

Tyndale Publishers has been publishing family books for over 60 years. Their goal is to reach their readers and spread God’s truth through fiction and non-fiction books. They are one of the largest Christian publishers, and their business continues to grow worldwide. 

Tyndale publishes many books from Focus on the Family. Dr. James Dobson started Focus on the Family in 1977. They create materials that include marriage advice, parenting, family, and other fiction and non-fiction materials to help mentor families and spread the Word of God worldwide.

You can find this book and more on the Tyndale website, plus Focus on the Family and Tyndale are both also on social media. 

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