Online Media Library for Homeschool (SmartKidz Media Review)

Imagine for a moment, a site with pre-screened, child-safe videos that you can access on demand. A site with videos covering such things as:

Animals ; Wildlife Collections
Documentaries; Culture Collections
Health; Fitness
History Titles
Lifestyles ; Cuisine
Travel ; Adventure: World Wide Discovery Collections
Cooking Instruction
Classical Music Collections
Cultural Music Collections
Cultural Music: Vol 2
Jazz and Blues Classics Collections
Relaxation Music Collections
Mighty E-Book Collection
Sign Language Collection
Special Needs Learning
Living Skills
Fun Zone


Welcome to the world of SmartKidz Media. SmartKidz Media is an online media library for homeschool, an ever expanding database with fun, educational, and interesting, streaming videos and games for the whole family.


smartkidz home

This educational, and entertaining on-line service has much to keep your children interested, and enough variety to help you supplement your learning with your children.  In addition to videos, you’ll find interactive eBooks, study guides, games, music and more.

SmartKidz Media has plans over the summer to expand even more, including games that children can play as well as adding over 100 hours of video to the science, history and documentaries areas. They will continue to expand and keep their membership informed via their newsletter.

SmartKidz Media is designed to be used by children over the age of 13 independently, and with the supervision of parents for younger children.

SmartKidz Media can be used on any device — TV, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, mobile phone, and Roku. With its cloud storage, SmartKidz Media can be streamed any where, at any time. 

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SmartKidz Media Reviews

Our thanks go to Annette for writing this introductory post for SmartKidz Media. She can be found blogging at A Net In Time.

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