Discover a Way to Treat ADHD and Dyslexia Without Medication (Learning Breakthrough Program Review)

Learning Breakthrough Program Review
What parent doesn’t want to improve the brain function and clarity of their children? Whether it is to work through a learning disability, help with ADD, improve athletic performance, or simply counteract too much screen time, keeping our children clear and focused is the goal of most homeschoolers. Most parents are willing to spend some time and energy on a program that will help their students learn and retain material better. Recently, the TOS Review Crew was given the opportunity review a book about a program that can help their student do just that – A Life in Balance: Discovery of a Learning Breakthrough.

Learning Breakthrough Program Review
A Life In Balance: Discovery of a Learning Breakthrough by Frank Belgau as told by Eric Belgau is the personal story of the journey Frank Belgau took through his early life and educational research toward the development of his Learning Breakthrough Program (LBP). The book chronicles his research in detail as well as the Learning Breakthrough program in its infancy through its current state.

The book provides insight into the life and work of Frank Belgau, with an introduction by his son, Eric Belgau. The research and real people behind the research are explored throughout the book helping the reader understand how The Learning Breakthrough Program came to fruition.

TOS Review Crew members were provided with pdf e-books or hard copy books of A Life in Balance: Discovery of a Learning Breakthrough by Frank Belgau to read and review.

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Learning Breakthrough

A big thank you to Tawnee H. of Adventures in Homeschooling for writing this introductory post.

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