Since 2003, e-Mealz has been helping families answer the question “What’s for dinner?” The suscription-based program has also earned the endorsement of financial guru Dave Ramsey as a money-saving tool. “You already know that a detailed written plan is the key to saving money, especially at the grocery store! E-Mealz from MoneytimeMakeover.com is your own team of money-saving and dinner planning experts who do all that weekly brain-work for you. For just five bucks a month you can save hundreds of dollars! That is a great investment, and you can eat like a king on a ‘rice & beans’ budget” A three-month subscription costs $15.00. You may change menu plans once during the three month period. So what’s for dinner…..the solution is really as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 e-Mealz has over 20 menu plans available based on national and regional grocery store chains, dietary restrictions, and family size.

Step 2 Each week, subscribers can log in to print out a plan of seven dinner menus and the corresponding shopping list. The list, sorted by the various sections of a typical supermarket for efficient shopping, includes a detailed description of the product, the number of the meal in which the product is used, and an approximate cost. The complete list averages $65-$85 for family plans and $35 for meals for two.


Step 3 For the founder of e-Mealz, it’s not just about putting a budget-friendly meal on the table. Her goal is to strengthen family connections by consistently gathering around the dinner table. E-Mealz is helping its 150,000 member community of parents make the “family dinner” happen.Members of the Homeschool Crew received a 3-month subscription to e-Mealz and were able to select their own menu plans.

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Special thanks to Beth from Ozark Ramblings for writing this post.

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