The Curriculum for Creativity (ARTistic Pursuits Review)

ARTistic Pursuits Review

Do you struggle to bring art education into your homeschool? Does the process of teaching art for you have a primary focus upon creating a set project compared to learning a process?  Wish you could bring an art instructor into your home to help your kids learn? Now in their third edition of program materials, ARTistic Pursuits is an art curriculum which allows parents to easily bring this subject into the home.  Brenda Ellis, an artist and homeschool parent, has written each of the 13 books available for purchase to teach art including four components: The Elements of Art, Composition, Continue reading

Classical Reading and Cursive (Memoria Press Review)

Memoria Press Review

As a family-run classical Christian education company, Memoria Press has provided materials for homeschools and private schools since 1998. All of the Latin, logic, and classical studies produced by Memoria Press are field-tested at Highlands Latin School. Recenty, members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew received the opportunity to review two of their products for young learners. First Start Reading The First Start Reading program incorporates phonics, reading, and printing. Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew received the Teacher Book and student Books A-D. First Start Reading works to teach your child a balanced approach to phonics and reading as well as correct pencil Continue reading

Greek Morpheme Lessons (It’s Not Greek to Me) Ready to Teach Review

Read to Teach Greek Morphemes

Does it worry you that your middle school or high school students still struggle with figuring out the meaning of words they don’t know? Do they have to turn to a dictionary or computer every time they encounter an unknown word? Children with a solid grounding in vocabulary skills seem to have an easier time with reading and comprehension across the board. However, many parents often struggle with how to teach vocabulary. Parents looking for a new way to teach vocabulary to their kids can try Greek Morphemes Lessons from Ready to Teach. Members of the Crew got to check Continue reading

GPALOVEMATH Online Math for Grades K-5 (GPA LEARN Review)


GPALOVEMATH is a web based math program by GPA LEARN.   They have math programs designed for Kindergarten through 5th grades.  Each level has a different animated character to coach your child.  These “Learning Coaches” guide your child through supplemental math lessons and practice drills. GPALOVEMATH philosophy is to LEARN, ENGAGE & MOTIVATE Each grade consists of over 150 lessons and 10,000 problems.  The lesson format is as follows: Instruction — Practice — Quiz Completing 4 to 5 lessons a week will complete a grade in approximately 10 months A unique feature to this program is it’s fun motivational rewards system.  Continue reading

Empower the Mind! (The Critical Thinking Company Review)

Critical Thinking Company Review

Do you want your children to learn discernment?   Is learning how to put all the pieces together important in teaching your children?   Then you’ll be delighted to learn about our latest review product. Over the past few weeks our blogging team has been delighted to review a number of products for The Critical Thinking Co. These are the products we have been looking at: Alphabet Song Game (Windows software download) (Gr. Toddler – 1) Sing along and play to learn letter names and shapes… for FREE! Math Analogies Beginning (Windows software download) (Gr. K-1) Math Analogies Level 1 Continue reading

Mother Should I Trust the Government? (FreedomProject Education Review)

Freedom Project Education Review

FreedomProject Education is an accredited classical academy with a philosophy firmly based on Judeo-Christian values as presented in the United States Constitution.  Common Core-free classes are provided in a live, interactive online setting for students in grades K through 12.  In addition to their commitment to presenting classes free of the CCSS, Freedom Project Education is on the front lines of educating families about and opposing the implementation of the Common Core. Crew members were given the opportunity to participate in FPE’s online course  Mother, Should I Trust the Government?  This course was recommended for students ages 13 and up Continue reading

G. A. Henty Audio Drama (In Freedom’s Cause Review)

In Freedom's Cause Audio CD Review

Heirloom Audio Productions has a passion for bringing real history to life. They produce active listening audio adventures. This is a new genre in audio listening. Plot rich with powerful sound effects designed to keep the listener captivated. The full audio theatrical presentation captures the imagination of children. Our crew received the  In Freedom’s Cause Single Package  – a new Audio Adventure based on the book, In Freedom’s Cause, written by George Alfred Henty (G.A.Henty 1832-1902). Listeners will travel through time with young Archie Forbes as he becomes involved with Scotland’s most influential freedom fighters William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. Continue reading

Internet-based Homeschool ( Review) Reviews

Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew were recently given a  full Yearly Membership  to for review. is an internet-based homeschool resource and the curriculum arm of  The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. SchoolhouseTeachers offers more than 100 classes, with current or archived content written for Preschool through High School. New teachers and subjects are added often. Some classes last a few weeks, while other last for an entire year or more. Some high school classes include academic weighting for transcripts. Classes may include written or video classes and assignments. Classes are not offered live, so you may access them at Continue reading

Practice That Feels Like Play (IXL Online Review)

IXL banner

Many times, it isn’t enough to just do the work in order to learn new skills. You know what they say…”Practice makes perfect!” IXL gives students the opportunity to practice Math and Language Arts skills in order to master them. IXL offers distraction-free online learning for students who need a little extra time to grasp new concepts, or maybe just want to test their own skills. Members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew received 1 year of access to IXL’s Math and Language Arts learning. With over 3,000 Math skills ranging in grades from Preschool to Precalculus, and topics such as Continue reading

Easy to Use Science! (Fascinating Education Review)

Facinating Education

  Fascinating Education is a unique company offering online science curricula for Middle and High School students.  Currently, the course offerings are Fascinating Chemistry, Fascinating Biology, and Fascinating Physics.  For students who struggle with science, the video-based learning approach is very effective.  These courses provide parents a user-friendly method of engaging their student in science.  The courses promote right brain learning by using a unique audio-visual style and tried and true step-by-step lessons.  The lessons are broken down into thin slices so that even the novice science student can understand the concepts presented. Our Schoolhouse Review Crew has been using Continue reading