Sharing Christmas {Blog Cruise}

The internet abounds with lovely ideas for making Christmas happier, brighter, and more meaningful. The Crew blogs are no exception! From fun crafts and homemade gifts, to recipes and decorating tips, to inspiring ideas for your homeschool, our wonderful bloggers are writing articles that will at once encourage, inspire, and spur on your own creativity! So, grab a cup of Christmas tea and enjoy a few treasured moments of reading in this week’s Blog Cruise — Sharing Christmas!     Lisa F. @ Learning Titus 2 — Handmade Gifts: Paper Dolls  This year, I’m sad that I’m not getting really Continue reading

Blog Cruise — I Am Thankful

  Happy Thanksgiving from the Schoolhouse Review Crew and welcome to our final Blog Cruise for 2012. We will resume our Cruises in January! This week, our Blog Cruise will be simple. We are sharing those things for which we are thankful. We would love it if you shared those things for which you are thankful, in the comments below.   Brandy @ Kingdom Academy — An Attitude of Gratitude Some days I just find thankfulness in the small things, like the fact that something new has sprouted in the garden. Other days I am overwhelmed at the amazing and Continue reading

Blog Cruise: Taking Care of the Homeschool Teacher

Homeschool moms are a busy lot. In addition to teaching the children, they generally have responsibility of the home, shopping, cooking, errands, and getting the kids to any and all outside activities. Most homeschool moms I know rarely find time to take care of themselves. So, this week, members of the crew are sharing their ideas for how we can change this. Come along and learn more about Taking Care of the Homeschool Teacher.        Brandy @ Kingdom Academy — Mommy Time I have found out the hard way that a mommy who doesn’t take a breather every Continue reading

Blog Cruise — Using Technology in the Homeschool

Computers, iPads, iPods, smart phones, Kindle Fires, software, online learning, apps, ebooks, Netflix streaming, video-based learning . . . there is a plethora of technology available to homeschoolers today. I don’t know what the statistics are, but it’s been my observation that a large percentage are participating in at least one form of high-tech method. Today, several members of the Crew are sharing with us how they utilize the many choices of technology for their own homeschools.   Karyn @ Teach Beside Me — Technology in Our Homeschool  We often use the internet just for reasearching topics that we are Continue reading

Blog Cruise — Exploring the Great Outdoors

I love this time of year  for many reasons. But my favorite thing about autumn has to be all of the changes occurring outdoors! Cooler temperatures, colorful leaves, the smell of burning wood. I absolutely love it. It’s also a great time of year for nature study. Why do leaves change color? What are animals beginning to do to prepare for winter? And don’t forget all of the kitchen chemistry and math with apples, pumpkins, and corn-on-the-cob! This week, the Crew will be sharing about Exploring the Great Outdoors. I can’t promise they’ll all be exploring the autumn season, but Continue reading

Blog Cruise — Homeschooling with Games

Welcome to this week’s Blog Cruise! It’s a well-known facts that many games, most games, if chosen well, can have educational value. But can you actually use games to homeschool? The clear answer is, “YES!” and this week, members of the Schoolhouse Review Crew share exactly how they do just that.       Gwen @ Tolivers to Texas — Game Round-up “For geography, a fast paced, competitive game like Brainbox World is perfect! First, you draw a country card and identify its location on our big wall map. Then you have a certain amount of time to study the Continue reading

Blog Cruise — Homeschooling an Only Child

It seems that there are many larger families in the homeschooling community, and finding families homeschooling with just on child is a bit rare. Homeschooling an only carries with it many advantages, as well as a few challenges. Come along as members of the Homeschool share a little of both.         Lori @ Special Connection Homeschool — Homeschooling with One Child “When you think of homeschooling you often picture a fairly large family with a lot of activity, however that is not always the case. There are some families in the homeschool community who, like mine, have Continue reading

Blog Cruise — Making Time for Dad

Most of us would say that one reason we homeschool is so we’ll have more quality family time together. But in reality this is what happens.  Mom is the primary teacher and caretaker of the home. Dad is the primary breadwinner.  Most of time, Dad works all day outside the home, while Mom works all day inside the home. By the time Dad gets home from work, Mom is exhausted and ready for a break from the kids, and Dad is exhausted and just ready for dinner and some downtime.  No sooner are the dishes washed and the leftovers put Continue reading

Blog Cruise — Homeschooling High School

You blinked and now she’s in high school. Will you still homeschool? There are stricter requirements now, since she wants to go to college. There are transcripts to keep, and certain subjects you must teach. You may be nervous, wondering if you can do it. Can you really teach trigonometry or biology with a lab? You’re not alone. Many families continue to homeschool all the way through homeschool. Some do it without much outside help. Other’s take advantage of local cottage schools or dual enrollment programs. However you choose to homeschool high school, we’re here to tell you that you Continue reading

Blog Cruise — Fitting It All In

The new school year has begun for many of you. For most that means you’re back to being everything to everyone — wife, mom, teacher. It’s a tall order. Not to mention you’re trying to cover all the bases academically, while struggling to make sure Susie gets enough of the art she loves, Johnny gets to enough science experiments, and the baby Lucy has plenty of safe tummy time. Don’t forget Mom needs to get enough exercise, quiet time, and a shower now and then. And, of course, meals need to be planned and cooked and the dishes are still Continue reading