Homeschool Resources for the Charlotte Mason Method (Brookdale House Review)

As a teacher and homeschooler, are you looking to eliminate the “twaddle” from your house and focus on the resources that are beautiful, high quality and will make learning easier for your children? Are you wanting short lessons that combine subjects and guide your children to a more integrated and efficient knowledge of the subjects you cover? If so, Brookdale House is a curriculum publisher that you will want to consider for your children.


Reviewers on the Schoolhouse Review Crew had the opportunity to choose from several curriculum pieces that Brookdale House offers. Each reviewer received one of the following:


Drawing Around the World (USA or Europe) –This curriculum teaches geography by teaching the big picture of where the countries of Europe or states in the United States are located in relation to each other. They have the opportunity to draw the states or countries, fill in fact sheets, and learn about the different populations, climates, cultures, etc. of the countries or states they are learning about.

The Fun Spanish

The Fun Spanish–An elementary Spanish curriculum workbook that teaches children Spanish verb conjugations and vocabulary through the memorization and drawing of silly sentences.

Middle School Grammar Workbook

The Grammar Workbook Set–A middle school workbook set for students who are ready to learn more advanced grammar by imitating and tweaking sentence and paragraph models.


Write Through History (Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern or Modern)–An elementary curriculum that combines narration, copywork, penmanship, dictation, spelling and grammar all in one efficient curriculum. The different curriculum books also add history by following the four year classical history cycle and incorporate selections of poetry. The curriculum books are also broken into a Level 1 (1st & 2nd grade) and Level 2 (3rd through 5th grade) so that you can purchase the level that best describes where your child is at academically.

Sheldon's NEW Primary Language Lessons

Sheldon’s New Primary Language Lessons–This is a version of Sheldon’s Primary Language lessons that has been updated for modern grammar and that makes a gentle introduction to students on parts of speech, sentences and paragraph writing.

Brookdale House‘s curriculum is simple for teachers to implement and allows children the lead in making discoveries and connections to allow true learning to occur.

Brookdale House

A big thank you to Rebecca of Raventhreads for writing this introductory post.

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