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Little hands drawing between school supplies and apples

Lexi @ Lextin AcademyCelebrating Our First Weeks of School

We school year-round here at our house, but we do have an official start date for each new year. And I will admit that our summer school is a much lighter schedule with more fun extras like art and logic. So, when summer comes to an end, we add in our full schedule of subjects and get busy until we take our holiday breaks. But we do celebrate our first not-back-to-school day with a fun fun things.

Rebekah @ There Will Be a $5 Charge for WhiningBack to School (Table for One)

What does Back to School look like for a Homeschool Boy? I’ll show you!

Leah @ As We Walk Along the RoadWhen It’s Time to Go “Back to School”

And even though it is viewed with some trepidation- after all there is less time to play outside and earlier bedtime coming- there are some things that make it fun to look forward to the “new” school year.

Brandy @ Kingdom Academy HomeschoolStarting the Year Off Right 

I love creating our own special traditions for our family. It’s just another part of why we homeschool.

Karen @ Tots and MeFirst Day of School Traditions in Our Homeschool 

Last year, as Tabitha was starting Kindergarten, we started some Back to School Traditions because I really wanted to make school a fun and exciting time for the girls. We did the same fun things this year and even added something.

Crystal @ Crystal Starr BlogOne of Our Favorite Days of the Year — Back to School

The first day of school is a big event for our family! It’s always an adventure and always a good time.

Sara @ Embracing DestinyOur Favorite Back to Homeschool Traditions 

Just because we don’t attend public school doesn’t mean that we don’t mark special milestones like beginning a new school year. We have created our own kind of traditions that we look forward to each September.

Jenn @ Fresh Start Academy Homeschool —  Not Back to School Celebrations

We have developed several “Not Back to School” yearly Fall traditions. These are the things we do the first couple of days the public school kids begin school. In our area the kids in Public School(my oldest son being one of them) start school on a Wednesday. So we take Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and do fun things to kick off our homeschool year. This year is no different.

Laura @ Loving and Learning on the High PlainsBack to {Home} School

All across Facebook there are pictures of kids with new backpacks and books waiting in the driveway for the bus. It’s back-to-school season. And then there’s us. We joke that we buy new PJ’s when we go “school clothes” shopping. As we prepare to return to school next week, I realized we’ve got a few back-to-{home}school traditions too!

Hillary @ Our Homeschool StudioFirst Day Traditions Old and New

We always start our first day with a special breakfast. In our family, this almost always means cinnamon rolls — a family tradition for special days (or to make a day special). I’m adding something new this year, too!


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