Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics (Apologia Science Review)


Apologia Educational Ministries has long been known to homeschoolers for the many products they provide. Their elementary science series, written by Jeannie Fulbright, is an award-winning creation based curriculum. Our crew members got to reviews the latest book in the series, Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics.

Aimed at students in grades K-6, this book contains lessons on simple machines, atoms, molecules, electricity and much more. Written in a conversational style with full color pictures, the book is full of experiments and activities that parents can complete with their children using items mostly found at home. The text can be used to teach multiple children at once, and provides God-honoring instruction as children learn about each topic. The hardcover text costs $39.00

apologia chemistry physics books

In addition to the text book, Apologia has designed student notebooks to complement the curriculum. The Junior Notebooking Journal is designed for early elementary aged students and includes activities that reinforce the lessons from each chapter at the students level. Some activities in this journal are coloring pages, simple copywork, mini-books, and vocabulary puzzles. The Junior Notebooking Journal costs $24.00.

For older elementary students, Apologia offers the Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Notebooking Journal. This book also costs $24.00 and includes more advanced copywork, vocabulary, and other activities as well as review questions and note-taking pages.


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A big thank you to Brandy of Kingdom Academy Homeschool for writing this introductory post.

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  1. […] As I said we aimed for two days a week or sometimes four depending on the level of excitement of the children (or mom).  The try this sections really helped keep my children’s attention since it breaks up the readings more and enables all of us to concentrate versus a long, uninterrupted reading.  I didn’t always have everything on hand for all the hands-on projects but I either tried to substitute or we’d skip it depending on what it was and if I could obtain the items, sometimes we’d back track and make it up another day.  So far though the favorite project has been making our own lava lamps.  I’m hoping with using this homeschool science curriculum that once they get to the higher grade levels it’ll come easier and even make it more enjoyable.  If you’d like to see what other homeschool parents thought visit the Schoolhouse Review Crew blog. […]

  2. […] The Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Junior Notebooking Journal is geared to the younger elementary set or those with newly-developed handwriting skills. The inclusion of coloring sheets and larger handwriting lines make it more approachable for younger children. The mini-books and copywork are included along with the “Test it Out” section. The “What Do You Remember?” section is not included. We found that our 2nd grader really enjoyed the coloring sheets and the mini-books but was not ready for the extra writing that the fascinating facts pages required. We chose to modify the journals for our needs and I had my son narrate some of the facts to me. I asked him some of the questions aloud and we discussed the concepts orally rather than doing all that writing. For the mini-books, some of the questions required more vocabulary than he was comfortable spelling, so I allowed him to copy his older brother’s work into the mini-book. My thoughts were that if he was copying and reading the information, that was sufficient review for him and would help him retain some of the information.You can download a table of contents and sample pages from the journal here. […]

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