Teaching the Chatty, Wiggly Child

chatty wiggly child

Annette @ A Net in TimeBut I Can’t Sit Still Today!

So how do I teach him on the days that he just can’t sit still? Sometimes I get creative… sometimes I get stubborn… sometimes it just doesn’t work… but what tends to help is the following . . .

Heather @ Only Passionate CuriosityHow to Homeschool Wiggly Kids and Not Lose Your Mind

My kids are about as wiggly and wild as they get. I could spend my day pounding my head against the table in defeat, but instead we’ve decided to harness the power of the wiggles for good!

Brandy @ Kingdom Academy HomeschoolMy Wiggly Boys

My boys are, well, all boy in the sense that they are always moving-fidgeting-fiddling around kinds of kids. They can’t be still, they always have something to say (and more often than not, it is off topic) and they seem to be in a constant state of movement.

Meg @ Adventures with Jude — The Jabberwock Named ADHD – and 11 Ways to Tame Him

Know what ADHD reminds me of? Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwock. Here are 11 activities we keep in our “vorpal arsenal.”

Math on the Couch

Sarah @ Delivering GraceTeaching Very Active Little Children

These busy little people are lovely and lovable but tiring.

Laura @ Loving and Learning on the High Plains Homeschooling with Ants in Their Pants

I recently wrote a post about School Outside the Lines, and I really heard about it from moms I know. Our wiggly and chatty kids challenge us to keep the school train on the tracks.

Rebekah @ There Will Be a $5 Charge for WhiningThe Wiggles (do you have one? )

I’ve got a Wiggler! Some days he wiggles more than others. Can any learning get done when the wiggling is out of control?

2 thoughts on “Teaching the Chatty, Wiggly Child”

  1. I have learned that being playful and active with them really helps. My youngest son is anything but still when he learns. So, I have to just join in on his ‘fun’ that he’s having in his head.


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