Amazing Science!

The Science and Math website has a new two volume set of Amazing Science DVDs for $19.95. In addition to their Science experiment DVDs, they also offer math tutorial DVDs as well as free videos when you sign up at their website.

“Our aim is to bring you the very best Science and Math

videos to tickle your curiosity and entice you to want to

learn more about the world around you!”

Chapters include:

Disk 1 Disk 2
1) Color Changing Milk 13) Floating Eggs
2) Egg in a Bottle 14) Keep Paper Dry Underwater
3) Exploring Air Pressure 15) Dry Ice Bubbles
4) Build a Lemon Battery 16) Balloon in a Candle Flame
5) Inverted Cup of Water 17) Ocean in a Bottle
6) Candle Suction Power 18) Build a Motor with Lights
7) Amazing Magnetic Force 19) Simple Lava Lamp
8 ) Lift an Ice Cube with String 20) Invisible Ink
9) Unburnable Money 21) Density Tower
10) Matchstick Speedboat 22) Soda Can Fizz
11) Reversing an Image with Water 23) Build a Motor #2

The website shares this about their Amazing Science DVD set:

“Learn fundamental principles of science through Amazing Science Experiments!  You’ll learn about electricity, magnetism, heat, temperature, pressure, surface tension, buoyancy, and much more.

For every demonstration, a complete materials list is given, and each experiment features multiple camera views so you can see exactly what happens.  Most importantly, every concept is explained in a step-by-step fashion.  You’ll not only be amazed – you’ll understand the science behind every experiment!”

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A big Thank You to Jennifer of A Glimpse of Our Life for writing this introductory post.

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