5 Days of . . . Blog Hop!

The Homeschool Crew is pleased to bring you our . . .

5 Days of  . . .  Blog Hop 

5 days, 65 bloggers, 325 blog posts

Sixty-five of our wonderful review bloggers will be blogging every day for 5 days on a chosen topic. That’s 325 creative, fun, informative, inspiring blog posts in less than one week! You’ll find everything you can imagine, from homeschooling to home management, science to history, art to music,  and some creative themes you’ve never even considered!

If you’re burned out, be renewed. If you’re just beginning, be encouraged. If you love hearing what other homeschool families are doing, be inspired.

The fun begins on Monday, May 14, so check back first thing Monday morning.

Each blog post will carry this 5 Days of  . . . Blogging banner, so you can click back and find the next blog to hop to!



Be sure to check back each day between May 14-18. You won’t want to miss a thing! Click on any button below to find out more!



Enjoy hopping around!


21 thoughts on “5 Days of . . . Blog Hop!

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  8. This is so much fun! I just love being part of the TOS community! And Marcy, the button you designed for my series (5 days of classical education) is just beautiful. Thank you!

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