Word for 2014 Round-Up

With the advent of the new year comes all of those goals, changes, and hopes that things will somehow be different . . . better . . . in 2014. Rather than making “resolutions” that are impossible to keep, many people are finding inspiration in choosing one word to define all that they hope to acheive in the coming months.

Today, about 70 members of the Crew are taking time to share with your their reflections and inspiration for choosing a Word for 2014 that will hopefully guide them successfully throughout the year.

I trust that each heartfelt post will encourage you. So grab a cup of tea and spend a little time here with us today. And if you’ve chosen your own Word for 2014, leave us a comment. We want to share in your story as well.

restore 2014 locust

Marcy @ Ben and MeRESTORE

While I find myself pleading with my Father to restore to me joy and to uphold my crushed spirit, he offers me even more than I can fathom. He offers me the gift of the restoration of seemingly lost opportunity.

Emilee @ Pea of SweetnessREFINE

2014 is going to be a year of refinement for both myself and my blog!

Kristi @ The Potter’s Hand AcademyPRAYER

This year, as I sit down to contemplate what we need this year, more than anything, only one word comes to mind, and that is prayer.

Wendy @ Wendy WoernerDISCIPLE

God has been impressing on me the importance of truly being His disciple, bringing others along on the journey, and encouraging fellow Christians to do the same!

Brandy @ Kingdom Academy Homeschool — FAITH

I have been contemplating exactly what it is I want my boys to leave home with, and that is a firm faith in the Lord.


Aurie @ Our Good Life — TRUST

We are called to TRUST in all things, but when our world gets rocked, do we really TRUST God?


Lisa @ Home to 4 Kiddos — INDOMITABLE

We are called to be indomitable, to live in courage and trust God without fear.

Rebekah @ There Will Be a $5 Charge for WhiningCONSISTENCY

I’ve been going rogue, living all ‘loosey-goosey’ as of late…More than anything I need consistency in every area of my life.

Rebecca @ RaventhreadsSAVOR

This year, when thinking about what I wanted to focus my year on, I realized that I wanted to make this year a year to savor those I love and the time I have with them.

Tere @ Teachable Scotts Tots HomeschoolHOPEFUL

To be hopeful is to anticipate with joy, and I am hopeful that 2014 will bring my family one or two steps closer to our goals to get out of debt and to bring fulfillment to my husband’s music career.

Laurie @ Grace-Filled Moments — INTENTIONAL

Being intentional will not only show growth on my part, but it will also touch the hearts of those in my life who I desire to be more intentional with.


Michele @ Faith, Family and Fridays — GRACE

Do you ever wonder what the one thing is that we all need most?


Sara @ Embracing Destiny — PURPOSE

2014 is my year of focusing on PURPOSE – in motherhood, marriage, faith, homeschooling, and blogging.

Nicole @ Journey to ExcellenceSTEADFAST

I have so many things I want to accomplish in 2014, and I can be successful if I remain Steadfast!

Nikki @ Angels of HeartACHIEVE

Achievement of anything requires the knowledge, faith and belief in yourself to reach for your aspirations.

Kym @ Homeschool Coffee BreakREDUCE

It seems to us that we have lots of things that could benefit from reduction – debt, spending, stuff, calendars, and waistlines!

Adena @ AdenaFTRUST

I have a lot of possible big changes coming up in 2014 and I will have to TRUST that God will be in complete control over it all.

Lexi @ Lextin AcademyRELATIONSHIP

This year will be about building relationships and getting to know the heart of Christ, my family, and my friends.

Kathy @ Kathys Cluttered MindPERSEVERE

My word for 2013 is PERSEVERE! Persevere means to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult. I think many homeschool moms will agree with me that being a stay at home/homeschool mom is not an EASY job. Add in life stresses like financial strains and health issues and it can make our job even harder.

Erin @ Water on the FloorPRAYER

As much as I try to spend some time in prayer each day, I need to work harder to make praying my focus in everything I do.

Meg @ Adventures with JudePROACTIVE

I’m tired of being in “solve the crisis of the day” mode.

Clara @ A Slice of Homeschool PieGENTLE(NESS)

Before writing this post, I performed a Google search looking for an answer to the following question, “What does a gentle heart look like?” I was hoping to find a map, per se, something written that would give me a sense of direction on how to go about training my heart to be gentle.

Dinah @ The Traveling Classroom FAITH

You can learn more about the word “faith” by looking at the Ancient Hebrew Roots of the word in its Biblical context.

Jennifer @ Chestnut Grove AcademyMAGNANIMOUS

Taken from the Latin roots magnus (great) and animus (spirit).

Leah @ As We Walk Along the RoadRELAX

The word I’ve chosen is relax; and, although that sounds like a strange word to have as a focus word, it really is a perfect word for me.

Monique @ Living Life and Learning — PURPOSE

2014 is about doing things with purpose, whether it is as a mother, homeschooler, or blogger, I want to make sure everything I do has purpose so that I don’t lose my way.


Nicole @ Schooling in the Sun — SIMPLIFY, GIVE, LOVE

I thought I had my word chosen, but then God decided one word wasn’t enough.


Kemi @ Homemaking Organized — LEARN

This is the year to grasp learning wherever and whenever I can.


Stacey @ A Moment in Our World — EXERCISE

My chosen word for 2014 is exercise. Not only do I need to do physical exercise to help improve my health, but I need to exercise control and caution in many other areas of my life.


Jenni @ Conversaving — BALANCE

I tend to jump on board with things wholeheartedly and then gradually lose momentum.


Annette @ A Net in TimeTRUST

All I can say is that God continues to teach me about trust, just trusting him.

Victoria @ Homemaking with HeartSPRING

Spring: a word that encapsulates new life, renewed vision, and hope restored

linger word of the year 2014

Heather @ Only Passionate CuriosityLINGER

How beautiful will my life be, if I can linger a little while… stay in a place, reluctant to leave; if I can continue and persist; if I can dwell in contemplation, thought and enjoyment?

Rebecca @ Our Life ~ Home and SchoolOVERCOMER

Looking forward to becoming an overcomer in 2014 and I can’t wait to see how it happens.

Jenny @ Homeschooling ThemCAREFREE

Carefree is NOT the absence of caring, it is simply the refusal to worry and instead trusting God to take care of us.

Tauna @ Proverbial HomemakerCULTIVATE

Cultivating health, home, family, and spiritual life; digging deep and turning over to welcome the transforming work of God.

Emily @ Whispers of WonderACTION

We have spent a lot of time talking about what we would like to see happen but this year, our goal is to hear a lot less talk and see more action.

Dawn @ Double O FarmsPREPARED

Being prepared for what is about to come can actually free us up to respond to changing circumstances more than if we nonchalantly take life as it comes.

Melanie @ FinchNWrenLOVE

Learning to walk more in love every day.

Hillary @ Our Homeschool StudioFIT

FIT – one small word I hope will make a BIG impact in the coming year, and not just physically fit.

Amy @ Counting Change . . . AgainSIMPLIFY

Chaos seemed to be 2013’s word of the year, but for 2014 I am claiming the word Simplify for my life.

Jacquelin @ A Stable BeginningFOCUS

Reflecting on 2013 I noticed a trend within myself… I was lacking in several of areas of priority.

Amanda @ Living, Learning and Loving LifeMINDFUL

Being mindful means being aware of how I treat myself and others.

Deanna @ His Treasure SeekersPRAY

God has been impressing upon me that I need to be coming to Him in prayer much more often.

One Word

Beth @ WeavingsTIME

Time–a word I don’t really care for.

Cristi @ Through the Calm and Through the StormACCEPTING

At a time when many people are looking for ways to improve themselves, I’m focusing on accepting myself the way I am.

Michelle @ Delightful LearningIMPERFECTION

I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, so in 2014, I am embracing imperfection.

Joelle @ Homeschooling for His GloryVALUES

At the core of any priority struggle is a question of values.

Dawn @ Guiding Light HomeschoolFOCUS

I pray the Lord will give me daily strength to continue to grow and change into the woman, wife, mother that He has for me to be.

Lisa @ A Rup LifeLOVE

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God.

Change 2014

@ Grace Tells Another StoryCHANGE

2013 brought many changes to my life with a Hashimoto’s diagnosis…changes that are only just beginning to truly take shape during the coming year.

DaLynn @ For the Display of His SplendorTIME

I’m going to focus on my TIME this year, and created an acronym to help me create a plan of action: Tithe, Intention, Management, Efficiency.

Jennifer @ a glimpse of our lifeLOVE

This year, my goal is to be diligently intentional about LOVE.

Adriana @ Homeschool WaysGENTLE

I have been working on being more gentle all my life, but I will take things to a new level in 2014.

Jennifer @ A “Peace” of MindWORD

In the new year I need to focus not just on His word but on my own too. As the year progresses I pray and seek His wisdom and words in my life. The power of life and death is in the tongue,the words it speaks, I pray mine can glorify my Father this year, showing the salt and light I m called to be.

Beth @ Ozark RamblingsCONSISTENCY

A steady drip of water can be annoying and keep you up at night….but it can also build a stalagmite!

Karen @ Tots and MeORGANIZATION

I have struggled with staying organized in my homeschool, my blogging and just real life for a while now, so my word for this year is ORGANIZATION.

Jeniffer @ Thou Shall Not WhineINTENTIONAL

If we are going to live for the Lord, we must be eternally intentional in all we do.

Lynn @ Ladybug ChroniclesFOCUS

To Focus on Faith, Family and Friendships!

Martianne @ Training Happy HeartsLISTEN

I finally heard my word — listen — despite the din of my own thoughts and prayers.

Anne Marie @ Future.Flying.Saucers. — NOW

There is such an urgency behind the word, NOW.


Tara @ This Sweet LifeTHRIVE

I’m tired of just surviving so this is my year to THRIVE!

Elizabeth @ Creative Learning FunTRUST

This year my goal is to trust God more and to let go of my worries and remember that He is the one that is in control.

Kayla @ The Arrowood ZooSIMPLIFY

Simple is better in my book.

Lisa @ Farm Fresh AdventuresFAITHFUL

Last year I asked God to show me the Joy…this year I’m striving to be more Faithful.

Julie @ Adventures of BearINTENTIONAL

I’ve made resolutions as a mom, but they were kind of intense, and so numerous, it was daunting! I ran from those in a hurry! This year, I am summing up my resolutions in one word – INTENTIONAL.

Word for 2014

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