Fiction and Non-Fiction Writing for High School Students (Writing with Sharon Watson Review)

sharon watsonWhether teaching writing skills to a high school student or reviewing existing skills, the process of teaching writing skills can be daunting.  Sharon Watson, a veteran homeschooling mom, co-op teacher, and literary workshop facilitator, has taken the dread out of polishing up those writing skills.  Schoolhouse Review Crew members have had the opportunity to use and review two of Sharon’s premium curriculum items:  The Power in Your Hands:  Writing Non-Fiction in High School and Writing Fiction in High School.  Through the Writing with Sharon Watson curriculum, students find a conversational-style instruction that turns writing from a subject of dread to a subject of delight.sharon watson 2

The Power in Your Hands:  Writing Non-Fiction in High School  is “the natural next step for those who value college-preparatory material presented in incremental steps with a conversational tone. With over 100 daily lessons and complete instructions for 22 essays and reports, this is an engaging course students will enjoy–or not dread.”  Students are given the tools they need to succeed not only in high school writing but also in college writing. They are guided through writing five different persuasive type essays, a comparison and contrast essay, a biography, a literary analysis, a research paper with documentation, descriptive essays, and narrative essays. There are over 400 pages of instruction and activities in the student workbook.  The teacher’s guide gives parents the answers to all of the questions in the student workbook and samples of numerous papers to help them evaluate their student’s writings.  The student workbook retails for $39.98 and the teacher’s guide retails for $14.98. 

sharon watson 3     Writing Fiction in High School is written in the same conversational-style as Watson’s non-fiction curriculum.  It is designed to help teens who love to write stories and want to influence the world as Christians learn to be more powerful and effective writers.  Student’s learn about and have the opportunity to practice with the various literary elements involved in story telling and experience critiquing their own stories and stories of others.  There is even a manuscript tract for students who have already written a short story or novel manuscript to be able to edit and improve on that existing work.  The student workbook, containing over 300 pages of instructional text and activities, is available for $25.05; and the, teacher’s guide is available for $19.95.

To read what our illustrious crew members have to say about their experience with Writing with Sharon Watson, click on the linky below.

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A big thank you to Sarah Dugger of Ahoy Maties! for writing this introductory article.

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