When Things Don’t Go As Planned


Kristi K. @ The Potter’s Hand Academy —  The Best Laid Plan o’ Mice an’ Men

How often have you planned something, something AWESOME, and the universe just seemed to conspire against you?? That happens to me all of the time. My husband seriously doesn’t make plans anymore, for that very reason. So, what do you do? Well, some things to remember . . .

Nikki F. @ Blessings from HomeschoolingError: Change of Plans

There is an old saying from a movie that says “If you build it they will come!”, we have changed it to say “If you planned it, it will happen!” But what happens when things don’t go as you planned?

Amy @ Bow of BronzeFlexibility is Key to Homeschooling Success

I don’t know about you, but my day NEVER goes the way I have planned.

Brandy B. @ Kingdom Academy Homeschool — This is NOT what I had in mind.

I remind myself in these moments that I am not homeschooling just to prepare my kids for college. I am homeschooling to prepare them for life.


Heather A. @ Only Passionate Curiosity — Homeschool Scheduling Woes

It’s so frustrating to feel like my “To-Do” list will never get done. When I get really overwhelmed, I turn to the other Homeschooling Mommas in my life. They offered this sage advice on how to deal with Homeschool scheduling woes and the frustrated feelings that come with them.

Sarah A. @ My Joy-Filled LifeHis Plans Are Perfect!

Having babies and moving often really throws a wrench into my homeschool plans. But isn’t that the beauty of homeschooling? The flexibility!

Rebekah T. @ There Will Be a $5 Charge for Whining Becoming Bendable

I seldom have a day that anything goes as planned. My life has been so unpredictable and I learned a long time ago that I had to become a bit more bendable. It was more important to end the day with a smile than lay my head on a pillow filled with regrets.

Alyson B. @ Family Style SchoolYou planned, now what? 

You have everything planned out, a schedule in place, all the supplies you need (you think), and you are feeling really good. Great, in fact, like this next week is going to be amazing. I mean just look at those pretty plans. You, my friend, are going to get so much done!

Kym T. @ Homeschool Coffee BreakD is for Disruptions

 Hardly a day goes by that our homeschool isn’t disrupted in some little way. Thankfully, the crises and true disasters have been few and far between for us, but interruptions and distractions and snags can be very disruptive too. And a string of days – or weeks – full of those kind of “well, that didn’t go as planned” schooldays can make me feel like I am doing a horrible job. Or tempt me to go into a closet and beat my head against a wall because we “aren’t getting anything done.”

Karen M. @ Harbor LightsBut wait, I had a plan!

Sometimes life and circumstances can really “mess” with your plans. You need to be ready for what comes your way.

Jennifer L. @ Royal Little LambsMamas Have Tantrums, Too

And apparently a seven year old girl can handle disappointment better than I can.

Beth S. @ WeavingsFriday “Upset”

Remembering playing Fruit Basket Upset? Well, today I felt like all my plans fell into that basket.

Patience A. @ Savvy HomeschoolWhy we homeschool year round

Life throws unexpected interruptions into your day so to adapt we homeschool year round.


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