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This article is in collaboration with Talking Fingers.

Talking Fingers offers 7-9 year old’s a fun program called Wordy Qwerty: Foundations for Reading and Writing Fluency to help them improve reading skills through a focus on spelling rules and conventions. Though created as a follow up to their Read, Write, & Type Learning System, any 7-10 year old can use Wordy Qwerty. They will have a better experience if they come to the program with a basic knowledge of keyboarding and basic phonetic awareness. Over the course of 20 lessons that have 6 activities each a student learns basic spelling rules for the English language as well as the fact that there are some “outlaws” who don’t follow the rules.

With the encouragement of Midi the musician and Qwerty the word coach students win spheres to help Midi play his music machine as they master activities throughout the program. They will listen to songs that help them remember spelling rules and oddities, learn to recognize patterns and word families, type what is dictated to them, and read and write stories, all as they play.

wordyWordy Qwerty focuses on six steps to guide a child to reading and writing fluency through the program:

  1. Patterns – such as sorting words by the beginning letter.
  2. Karaoke – rhyme and song combine to make spelling memorable.
  3. Recycler – word families are as simple as changing the first letter.
  4. Pop-a-Word – helps work on recognizing outlaw words.
  5. Write Stories – using recently acquired spelling rules the child types stories dictated a line at a time.
  6. Read Stories – reading a good story make learning fun, but these stories are missing some words. Students get to fix them.

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Special Thanks to First Mate Tristan RowLee at Our Busy Homeschool for writing this article.

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