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Pearson Education has long been a leader in the production of quality educational materials and curriculum for public schools.  They supply materials for all subject areas and all grade levels (from preK through high school, and beyond).  Some of their recognizable brands are Prentice Hall, Scott Foresman, Addison Wesley, and SuccessMaker.

But, Pearson Education is not just for public schools.  Homeschoolers can benefit from their materials also.  Members of the Homeschool Crew have received various curriculum choices from Pearson for review.

enVisionMath – Grade 1
Envision a math program that engages your students as it strengthens their understanding of math.  enVisionMATH uses problem based interactive learning and visual learning to deepen conceptual understanding.  It incorporates bar diagram visual tools to help students be better problem solvers, and it provides data-driven differentiated instruction to ensure success for every student.  The best part, however, is that this success is proven by independent, scientific research.  Envision more, enVisionMATH!

All Together Social Studies – Grade 1
Like you we know that time is a precious commodity these days with packed schedules, testing requirements, and more. The newest addition to our product line can help you make the most of the time you have. The Quick Planning Guide – developed in conjunction with Grant Wiggins, President of Authentic Education and author of Understanding By Design – gives you the best of both worlds: planning suggestions to make the most of your time, and a focus on the Essential Questions that will drive student understanding.

Scott Foresman Social Studies helps you make a difference.

Reading Street – Grade 2
Scott Foresman Reading Street © 2011 is an all-new comprehensive Reading and Language Arts series for the 21st Century. Reading Street delivers classic and soon-to-be classic literature, scientifically research-based instruction, and a wealth of groundbreaking online experiences for high student engagement. My Teaching Library takes the guesswork out of Response to Intervention with a strong core emphasis on ongoing progress-monitoring and an explicit plan for managing small groups of students. The architecture of Understanding by Design accelerates all learners, especially English language learners, toward greater proficiency with a sustained Unit focus on concepts and language.

Both the reading and the social studies  books are the high-quality hard-back editions that you expect to find in public schools.  They will hold up well to years and years of use, making them great additions to your homeschool.  The math book is a soft-bound, consumable workbook; it’s large in size (almost like a double-book, side-by-side).

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Special thanks to Crew Captain Heidi from Reviews & Reflections for writing this article.

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