When You Need Help: Where to Find Support

Whether you are a new homeschooler or entering your tenth or fifteenth year as a homeschooling parent, sometimes you need help and support on the journey. If you type “homeschool support” or “homeschool help” into a search engine or as a keyword on a social media platform, you might find a plethora of results. How do you weed through those results to find the right ones for your family? Let us help you find the support you need on your homeschool journey. 

Support and Encouragement 

Homeschooling can bring great joy. Homeschooling can also bring difficult days. When your homeschool day did not go as planned, support and encouragement will provide homeschool help. In addition to finding encouraging articles here on HomeschoolingFinds.com, The Old Schoolhouse® offers homeschool help through a variety of resources. From the Hey, Mama! Homeschool Show, our podcast featuring homeschool parents and experts, to a weekly newsletter delivered directly to your inbox, The Old Schoolhouse® provides support and encouragement for moms of many generations. 

If you are a mom on the go, grab the new and enhanced TOS App. It’s the hub for homeschooling. Access all of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine articles—and much more—wherever you go, whenever you need them. Search for topics important to you. Content updated weekly. The TOS App is better than ever to keep you homeschooling. 

And if you are homeschooling in Canada, The Canadian Schoolhouse offers homeschool help tailored to Canadian families. Find tips to customize your child’s education and access resources to teach and train using family-based learning materials. Sign up for the TCS eNewsletter to receive encouragement, and be informed about homeschooling in Canada.

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Help with Curriculum 

If you need help picking your next homeschool curriculum, HomeschoolingFinds.com offers you a variety of ways to research and find new homeschooling companies and resources. From resource guides in our magazine to this very website, you can find boxed curriculum, an online math curriculum, lapbooks, and unit studies, as well as our very own curriculum

SchoolhouseTeachers.com is a wonderful choice for families who are looking for a Christian self-paced, fully customizable curriculum. One Ultimate Yearly Membership provides your family with access to over 400 courses, recordkeeping, streaming videos, access to World Book Online, a schedule builder, and more. And if you don’t want to pick individual courses, you can select the virtual Homeschool Curriculum Box that provides all the content you need for your student to experience an engaging year of learning. 

SchoolhouseTeachers.com Digital School boxes for grades 1 and 12

If you are in search of individual curricula or resources, HomeschoolingFinds.com provides you with access to hundreds of reviews and evaluations. You can use the search feature or look at evaluations by categories such as math, science, Bible, language arts, and electives. There is even a “just for parents” category on the site. You’ll even find electives and foreign language ideas. Searches for Spanish, French, Latin, Greek, German, Chinese, and Italian will all provide you with results. Homeschool help is just a click away! 

Support Groups, Schoolhouses, Co-ops, and More 

For many, searching for homeschool help means looking for support groups or co-ops, places to visit with their family, and more. Changes in technology and the world mean that homeschooling parents are seeking new ways to find support from other homeschoolers. 

Homeschool groups, meet-ups, and co-ops may still have groups on social media sites or through websites (such as Schoolhouse Connect or HomeschoolBlogger.com) but many moms and dads are turning to apps to find their homeschool help. You can find out more about one such app by watching Staying Connected with Local Homeschoolers to learn more about HomeschoolHQ. This app aims to bring homeschool communities together by connecting homeschoolers to resources and opportunities in their local area. 

If you are looking to go beyond the digital realm and meet with some real live people, we’ll help you find them through local and state support groups and Schoolhouse Ambassadors on Schoolhouse Connect. You can reach experienced homeschool moms and dads in your area who can provide you with support and encouragement. 

Another place to look for support is within a church. Churches are opening their own Schoolhouses for homeschooling families to join and school their children together. A Schoolhouse is a homeschool co-op led by parents that meets about twice a week. Every family uses SchoolhouseTeachers.com. Parents, working with a Schoolhouse Director, agree to volunteer or teach in different areas based on their skills and interest levels. Parents will be able to provide homeschool help to each other in the Schoolhouses.  

Where is your Schoolhouse?

Homeschool Help 

With today’s technology, homeschool help is only a few clicks away. And navigating those results does not need to be daunting once you know where to start. 

Where do you find help for your homeschool? Please share in the comments. 

HomeschoolingFinds.com Author

This article has been written by Kristen Heider. She is the Business Building Team Manager of The Old Schoolhouse® and the Social Media Manager of HomeschoolingFinds.com. She shares more about her family’s homeschooling journey at A Mom’s Quest Teach.

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