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Don’t you just love the by-line for this product?  I do!  Because sure, I’d love for my kids to learn how to design their own website, but what about me?  I’d like to learn too.  With Web Design for KIDS, I can (and so can my kids)!

Rather than try to explain what all is included on this DVD, I’m going to quote the back cover:
Have you ever wanted your child to create a web page using HTML, but didn’t know where to start? …
Brian Richardson, a middle school computer literacy teacher and technology expert, "lifts the veil" on basic HTML by providing live, human instruction in a friendly "hand-holding" manner that helps you in creating your very first web page, with many more to follow!

  • basic HTML code
  • adding pictures
  • coloring letters and backgrounds
  • making text move across the screen
  • and MUCH MORE!

Learning basic web page design using HTML is a skill that can pay dividends for a lifetime. Plus, the only software necessary is Notepad and Internet Explorer – which comes FREE with every Windows Operating System! Whether giving your child an edge in an increasingly competitive global economy, or just to have fun, this DVD will be beneficial in increasing one’s understanding while completely demystifying the process of creating a web page.

The entire Crew received a copy of this DVD for review and will be sharing links to their reviews here.  I would encourage you to stop over and visit the Web Design for Kids website.  One thing that may be of particular interest is the list of charities that Web Design for Kids helps to support. 

26 thoughts on “Web Design for Kids”

  1. I found this DVD to be clear, thorough, and fun. Mr. Richardson of Click Drag Solutions has made a great product.

  2. My daughter loved this and went through it in 2 days! Now she wants to do web design when she grows up (she's only 11, we'll see!)


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